Curt Schilling Really Not That Well Off Now

Still a bum-out.

Well, any thoughts of Curt or the state making it out of this one in decent shape are out now. WEEI Boston's radio show for sports, Dennis and Callahan, Schiling had some somber words. 

"I put everything in my name in this company," he said, insisting he was not looking for sympathy. "I believed in it. I believed in what we built. I never took a penny in salary. I never took a penny for anything. [...] The employees got blindsided. They have every right to be upset. [...] The money I saved and earned playing baseball was probably all is going to be different."

There is contention over what happened to 38 and Copernicus, and who is responsible. Mismanagement by Schiling is extremely likely. But at least this tragic collapse is not going to make any one person a great deal richer. 

A final comment from Schilling worth noting; comments have been accusing him of being a hypocrite for seeking loan guarantee and tax credits from the state, despite political advocacy for smaller government. To that, he said. "I don't know how that relates to this. I don't have any problem with government helping entrepreneurs and small businesses."


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