Former 38 Employees Open Discussion

This keeps getting more confusing.

Through this whole fiasco with 38 Studios, blame lay mostly on Curt Schilling, who it was believed botched the studio's potential, overestimated the costs, and mismanaged the finances. New reports inFormer dicate that might not be the case - some sources, not just limited to Schilling himself, are claiming that Governor Chafee used the anxiety of the situation to scare off investors. Including, most notably, calling the loans "taxpayer money" misleadingly, implying the $75 million dollar loan was already in 38's bank, or insisting that the lead-in game Reckoning was a failure because it failed to meet a deal signed by EA for further funding. We'll be keeping an eye on this situation as it develops, but one thing is clear; this is a very messy situation.


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