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Online gaming has taken the entertainment market by storm. Leading the way is the explosive growth of the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games, with millions of players engaged in ongoing interactive gameplay.

This highly targeted audience is so immersed in their online world they have been notoriously difficult to reach through traditional forms of media -- until now.

ZAM has been a strong presence in MMO Games for over 15 years (PDF), and we continue to grow in all gaming areas.

Traffic Overview
Unique Visitors 2.7+ million US / 18+ million global
Page Views 99+ million US / 370+ million global
Core Demographic 18-49 year olds - 73.4%
Source: US Comscore March 2014/ Global Quantcast March 2014
Asset Description
LolKing is the #1 destination for players of League of Legends, providing extensive guides and detailed statistics on users, champions, and more.
Wowhead is the #1 website for World of Warcraft. It is the leading WoW database where players search for gaming information and tools.
Thottbot is the original World of Warcraft database. Holding a fond place in players' hearts it remains available today powered by the Wowhead framework.
ZAM / Allakhazam ZAM hosts news and active player communities for the top MMO games. The site offers a wide range of features, including databases, forums and character profiles.
MMOUI MMOUI offers the largest selection of game interface add-ons and customizations available in one location.

Note: ZAM will not accept advertising for Gambling, RMT or that is pornographic in nature. ZAM has the right to refuse to run any campaign or creative ad unit.

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