We Make Gaming Better.

Our Past

15 years ago, the heart of ZAM was forged in the fire of EverQuest. Our first site, Allakhazam, was the definitive source for EQ guides and items. Serious players knew we gave them an edge. New players could rely on our database to answer their questions.

10 years ago, the launch of World of Warcraft pushed us to new heights and formed the core of the network. Our collection of WoW information was unparalleled, and Thottbot skyrocketed in popularity among the community. Continued in the legacy of Wowhead, our all-encompassing database became a cornerstone of any WoW player's toolset.

As our sites expanded, we rebranded as the ZAM Network. We also moved beyond sites with MMOInterface – now MMOUI – and joined gamers on their journeys. We offered add-ons, UI tweaks and in-game guides. Three years ago, we took a huge leap with League of Legends and our site, LolKing. Becoming a central piece of the community, our Champion Guides and detailed charts allowed players to analyze the game at an unprecedented level.

Our Present

ZAM has become the unmatched hub for the world's most popular multiplayer games. Our wide network of sites – from Hearthhead to DayZDB – have cemented themselves as the ultimate source for their respective games. Our roots have spread and our experience grows. Wowhead continues to expand, currently preparing for a new major game expansion. LolKing thrives as a multi-faceted powerhouse, with Live Stats and Champion Guides that every dedicated player can't live without.

Everyone at ZAM is a gamer, and appreciates the fact that quality game information is irreplaceable. We're writing the databases, tools, news and guides that arm players with everything they need to break their limits and crush their enemies.

Our Future

We started as the definitive source for EverQuest and have become the home for dozens of massive gaming communities. ZAM is the undeniable strength of knowledge. Our innovation will continue to provide the highest-quality tools out there. New games are on the horizon; our expertise has prepared us for anything. With ZAM, you are prepared for anything. We make gaming better.