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EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday August 20, 2019


  • The recipe scrolls for "Mischievous Saddle of Spellflurry" and "Mischievous Reins of Experience" on Sprocket should now properly cost Anchorage chits to purchase.
  • Mirt's Illuminating Beam should no longer require status to purchase.


  • Lightning Bolt Shaped Key - Increased drop rate of quest starter "Lightning Bolt Shaped Key".
  • Virtue Belt - Increased drop rate of quest starter "a rusted iron belt".

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday August 6, 2019


  • Corsair Neckerchiefs - Collection pieces are now spelled correctly.


  • The Motley Merchant Manifest - Fippy Darkpaw the 4th now returns to the Crow's Resting Place after his nerves have calmed.
  • Ghost's Lost Score - Quest is now listed in the proper zone category "Plane of Magic".
  • Turn Loose the Ignus - Quest is now listed in the proper zone category "Plane of Magic".
  • Why Don't the Ayriegales Sing - Quest is now listed in the proper zone category "Plane of Magic".
  • Esper in the Deep Dark Forest - Quest is now listed in the proper zone category "Plane of Magic".
  • For the Voice She Once Had - Quest is now listed in the proper zone category "Plane of Magic".

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday July 30, 2019

Pedestal of Sky
  • Barakah and Simayak's outgoing damage has been increased.

  • Elemental Blast no longer makes caster or caster pet die in a horrible fire of pain and suffering.
  • Elemental Blast is now a tiered ability based off of the tier of the primary pet you have summoned. To see correct damage values, you must have a primary pet summoned.

  • Thexian Taint - Ginwyss D'Arkenett will now acknowledge you correctly, even if you have completed "The Missing Recruit."

Season Two of Nagafen, the PvP event server is upon us!

  • Each account will only be able to create a single character on Nagafen, so be diligent when deciding on a race and class! And of course, know that with only one character, you will become known for the choices you make and your victories in battle.
  • More Info:
  • As well as some updated announcements:
  • New Achievements, Appearance armor, and Titles for Unique kills.
  • Blue Stats have been added to equipment. Blue stats will grant a reduced benefit in pvp combat.
  • Most encounters will have some combat mitigation and deal more damage to account for a portion of the power gained from blue stats.
  • Experience potions have been removed from the Nagafen marketplace.
Level Progression
  • This is a PvP server, so the majority of your progression will come from PvP fights. When you defeat an opponent, you will be given an XP reward, with unique kills giving you much more experience than players you have taken down previously. The more you defeat the same player, the less they will be worth. Quest experience will be the next best experience available, with NPC encounter experience rewards being relatively low in comparison.
  • You may now disable adventure experience, which includes pvp experience, by right clicking your experience bar in game.
  • Discovery XP has been greatly reduced.
Free-For-All PvP
  • PvP combat will be free-for-all and factionless, which means that anyone outside of your group or raid will be considered a hostile target. Every player is a potential target, and every player is a potential group mate, so you'd better learn how to make friends fast.
  • Speaking to the Priest of Discord in Freeport and Qeynos will open a PvP leaderboard which will display a sortable list of all pvp leaders.
Bounty Missions
  • Once you have obtained level 15 you will become eligible for PvP bounties, granted by the Priest of Discord in Freeport and Qeynos. These bounties will update when you defeat one of the top 15 PvP leaderboard members of the appropriate type. While on a bounty mission you will have access to the Bounty Tracker inventory item to assist you in tracking down your targets.
  • Experience from bounties has been reduced in season 2.
Zones and Player Vs. Player Level Range
  • "Newbie" zones will have a 4 level PvP range. Zones that are included in the 4 level PvP range are: Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Frostfang Sea, Oakmyst Forest, Outpost of the Overlord, Queen's Colony, The Caves, The Forest Ruins, The Graveyard, The Peat Bog, The Ruins, The Sprawl, The Sunken City, Big Bend, Stonestair Byway, Temple Street, Beggar's Court, Longshadow Alley, Scale Yard, Nettleville, Starcrest Commune, Graystone Yard, Castleview Hamlet, The Willow Wood, and The Baubbleshire. Normal zones will have an 8 level PvP range and zones intended for level 40+ will have an unlimited PvP range. The only non-PvP zones will be Freeport and Qeynos. All other zones are open for business.
  • Icy Dig has been lowered to Tier 1 heroic difficulty and treasure has been lowered in quality.
PvP Death
  • Characters that are killed in PvP will drop up to 70% of the coin they are carrying with them. Coin kept in the bank is not affected. There is also a chance that they will drop one of the tradeable items that they are carrying in their bags.
PvP Combat
  • Healing has been reduced overall by 30%.
  • Druid Regens have been reduced in pvp combat.
  • Crusader heals have been reduced in pvp combat.
  • Scout Damage has been increased.
  • Autoattack damage has been increased for all classes.
  • Control procs have had pvp templates applied.


EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday July 23, 2019


  • Fixed an issue where zone transports (like the Sinking Sands airship) were not zoning characters properly.

Pedestal of Sky

  • Simayak and Barakah have returned to Pedestal of Sky.
  • Loot from Pedestal of Sky will now spawn normally instead of being triggered by destroying the orb in the room.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the dragons to respawn improperly.


  • Menhir or There - Gathering beryl and stibnite crystals is now a group update.


  • Elemental Blast has been updated as it could cause a significant amount of lag when cast due to each spell hit being individually processed first from the caster, to the pet where it applied modifying effects, then to the target. The ability now does its damage in a single strike sourced from the caster. However to adjust for the damage increase this causes, the ability will deal 50% of the caster’s maximum health to the target, which may be warded, and 150% of the pets maximum health to the pet, which may not be prevented.

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday July 16, 2019

The following raid targets have had their offensive and defensive stats reviewed and adjusted as needed.

  • Terrorantula
  • Simayak and Barakah (Within Pedestal of Sky)
  • Godking Anuk
  • The Djinn Master

Corrected an issue that caused some bosses in Desert of Flames raid zones to not respawn and/or despawn properly.

Plane of Justice: Scales of Justice [Both Raid Versions]

  • Adjusted health of the Seventh Hammer to be more in line with other encounters in same tier.

Awuidor: The Veiled Precipice [All Versions]

  • Collectibles near the Champion of Marr have been moved to an area where they can be more reliably collected.

Castle Mischief [Raid]

  • The doll adds during the Linneas encounter should now have less health.

The Living Tombs

  • Urzyd the Undying will no longer spawn more than 2 adds when pulled and adds properly despawn when Urzyd's encounter is reset or he is defeated.


  • My Service for an Idol - The Far Sands cargo can now be picked up by multiple group members.

Item updates over at:

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday July 9, 2019

Ragrax, Sepulcher of the Twelve [Raid]

  • Further adjustments made to help with the lag in the Rathe Council encounter.

Awuidor, the Dark Fathoms

  • Fathom dwellers can no longer be pulled across the zone.


  • Mindbender Talid should now properly cast his "Intellectual Remedy" ability on his group.


  • Sharpened Necklace of the Terranaut - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • The Firelord's Massive Smasher - Item name is now spelled correctly.

EQ Update #19 and Summer, Summer, Summer Stuff!

Here are the updates for the past week+.

Click Read More to see all the updates.



Also starting today, Daybreak activated some cool stuff for us in game. Check it out!





Summer Spectacular!

Summer is here, the days are long, and that means it's time to celebrate. Start your July off right with in-game bonuses, member gifts, and deals! Everything begins July 1, 2019:

Bonus Rewards!

  • All XP, faction, and rare drop rewards will be increased by 76%.

Member Gifts!

  • Log in to claim your two timely and celebratory familiars: the Metamorph Totem: Murikaglider and the Metamorph Totem: Cernerder'Eh Murkglider. Look for these in your reward window once you log in. Members only.

Heritage Crates Return!

  • Make sure you check out the Marketplace, because the spectacular is a special opportunity to catch up on any of the Heritage Crates you might have missed. ALL Heritage Crates are back in the Marketplace throughout the event.

The Summer Spectacular begins at 12PM PT (noon) on July 1, 2019, and ends at 12PM PT (noon) on July 8, 2019.