Detailed Advertising Specifications

Display Ads

Format Size Expandable
Max Initial
Load File Size
Add'l File Weight
(Polite Download)
Flash Specifics
(frames per sec)
Max Animation
Length (seconds)
Acceptable Format Controls/Notes
Leaderboard 728x90 728x315 40 KB 100 KB 24 fps User Initiated 15 sec 3x JPEG, GIF, SWF, HTML, JavaScript • Control = "Close X"
• Location = On Edge of Original (non-expanded/expanded) unit
• Leaderboard expands down
Wide Skyscraper 160x600 300x600
Medium Rectangle 300x250 600x250
Mini Feature 104x90 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a JPG, PNG Available on Wowhead, Hearthhead, LolKing, and ZAM


Site Homepage Skin Interior Skin Geo-targetting Skin Template
DayZDB 2000x900 2000x900 -Download
Framehead Sites (Rifthead & Torhead) 1500x870 - -Download
MMOUI (WoWInterface, RiftUI, SwtorUI, etc) 2000x900 - -Download
Nexus Mods 1920x900 1920x900 Download
Outpost Sites (Dota Outpost, ESO Outpost, TF2 Outpost) 2000x900 2000x900 Download
TankSpot 2000x900 - -Download
Thottbot 1500x870 - Download
Wowhead, Hearthhead, LolKing, ZAM 1920x900 1920x900 Download
  • Skin files must be the exact width and height of the template provided. They do not need to take up the full space.
  • Skins must fade to pure black at the bottom and sides. MMOUI and TankSpot support different fade colors.
  • The compressed JPEG skin file size cannot exceed 300k. It is strongly prefered that the client send the PSD version of the skin for ZAM to compress and check for any necessary fixes.
  • Please submit skin at least 5 days prior to the launch date.

Fixed Footer Units

Expanded Max dimensions 1000x400
Max width Content-safe: 960px

Video: (embed code from YouTube, GR VMT, etc) may be positioned left, center, right of layout.
One Call to Action (entire unit)
Max load size: 700k-1mb, nothing over.
Formats accepted: Transparent PNG, PNG, JPG, GIF, Flash (FLA, FLV, SWF)
Collapsed Max dimensions 1000x90
Max width content-safe: 960px

Max load size: 200k
No video, only allowed in Expanded unit
Formats accepted: Transparent PNG, PNG, JPG, GIF, Flash (FLA, FLV, SWF)
Animation 5 seconds, recommended 15 seconds maximum
20 frames per second maximum
Fonts Fonts must be submitted in TrueType (TTF), OpenType Face (OTF), or PostScript (FFIL). Files must be in an Archive (ZIP, SIT, DMG).
Asset Swapping Maximum of 1 creative included per campaign.
Third Party Serving Third-Party Tracking tags (optional) (To be coordinated with Media Planner)
Assets Delivery Accepted formats: Transparent PNG, PNG, JPG, GIF, Flash, (FLA, FLV, SWF) All formats MUST include Font files for any editing purposes.

General Advertising Guidelines

  • Prior to submission creative should be tested for stability across all browser platforms.
  • All creative is subject to approval by the publisher.
  • All creative is due to ZAM Network five business days prior to campaign start.
  • Creative links must be active upon submission
  • Animations or loops must not run longer than 15 seconds and/or a total of three rotations.
  • Do not use HTML, BODY, and HEAD tags within the code.
  • Images should be hosted locally whenever possible. Nested tables are not recommended.
  • FORM tags should appear outside of TABLE tags.
  • Any interactivity, including expandable banners and streaming audio/video, should be user-initiated, unless otherwise approved.