rift mob:Oludare the Firehoof  

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Regular Fight Encounter

This boss is only available in Expert mode

Expert Fight Encounter


  • Ranged Flame Spear, which is randomly(?) thrown and hits for approx. 1-2k
  • Charge, which is randomly(?) targeted and hits for 1-2k
  • Frontal Cleave Attack
  • Flame Pillars, which come every now and then and deal damage to everyone who is standing in them

It seems as if someone is standing in the way of the charge (but not actually getting charged), he will be one-shotted, so avoid standing in a line to the boss.

There is an easy way to defeat the boss. The tank pulls him out of the room, where he is initially standing, and tanks him right in front of that exact room. Everything ranged should stand next to each other on top of the rocks/the small, wooden rooftop on the left of the portal of the room, where the boss initially stands. That way the ranged DDs/Healer will get a lot less damage form the charge and follow up attacks and the tank only has to worry about the flame pillars appearing where only he stands and none of the squishies. Just tank and spank him from there, healing the ranged DDs/Healer and moving the boss whenever he creates flame pillars.''

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