The Age of Beasts  

The beastmen thrived in the ensuing era of darkness. But the demihuman Galka and Mithra, blessed with bodies powerful enough to resist the advances of the beastmen, grew in number as well. They fought tooth and nail to cast the hordes from their homelands in an age of unending battle and chaos.

The Tarutaru race grew weary of the never-ending conflict, and wandered the world in search of peace. After discovering an uncharted continent, they named the land [1]] and settled down to build a brighter future for their kin.

Several decades after the Tarutaru's long journey had come to an end, a young Tarutaru girl lost her way in one of the mysterious towers scattered across the outskirts of Windurst. It was there that the secrets of magic were revealed to her, and this knowledge would spread to her entire race. The Tarutaru worked as one to harness and understand the mysterious power that had been given to them. So began the Great Age of Magic.

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