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{{RoM Compendium


If not blank, this is the name of the quest that rewards this card. If it is blank, then the name of the card is the name of the mob that drops it.
The text from the card
DEPRECATED if not blank, this is "Card of the mob_name" rather than "Card of mob_name". Cards no longer use this format so this switch is no longer needed. All cards are now named in the format "Card - monster name"
The background color does not seem to follow any rhyme or reason so we will have to tell it what color the card is. If blank or not one of the colors I have configured that background will be a dark grey. Valid colors are: Red, Green, Grey, Gold, and Blue.

This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.
With The Elder Kingdoms Monster Compendium cards now add to your stats!

See: Category:Monster Compendium


This is a sample card, representative of what we are trying to reproduce.

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