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What is GameTag?

GameTag is that little box you see usually at the bottom right of each page (like this page for example). Some pages may have it in a different spot but should never have more than one.

What Does GameTag Do?

Zam wiki's may look independant but they are all connected by a single mega database. The GameTag is needed to help distinguish a Rift wiki page from an EQ2 wiki page and so on. We cant have a link to the Warrior page taking you to a World of Warcraft wiki. That would be confusing to say the least.

Gametag places the little box on the article but it also connects the page to the right wiki.

Where is the GameTag code?

On most pages it is hidden out of sight inside templates but you can be certain the page has a gametag if you can see this little box with the rift icon in it to the right.


My Article/An Article I found doesn't have that box

Some pages dont have a template in them that has this tool built into it, so the GameTag needs to be added manually.

Type {{Rift}} on the last line of the article's edit box

After you press save it should appear now and places it into the Category:Rift-Planes of Telara Category page.

Placing The Article in a Specialist Sub-Category

Most templates have the GameTag doing extra things for example. A recipe for Armorsmiths will have several sub-catgeories that it makes; the Recipes, Armorsmith Recipes and the General Rift-Planes of Telara category pages.

If you have to type in the GameTag manually you can customise it to do special things.


  • {{Rift|g}} - Makes the page go into the Guides Sub-Category also
  • {{Rift|l}} - Makes the page go into the Lore Sub-Category also
  • {{Rift|pn}} - Makes the page go into the Patch Notes Sub-Category also
  • {{Rift|l}} - Makes the page go into the Lore Sub-Category also
  • {{Rift|d}} - Makes the page go into the Dictionary Sub-Category also
  • {{Rift|le}} - Makes the page go into the Live Events Sub-Category also

You Can tell it to go to more specialised Sub-Categories also.



  • cat= type in the name of the already created sub-category.


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