On Sourcestone (Rift Lore)  

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On Sourcestone
BZZT Sourcestone has been extensively studied by our technolamncers, but little has been discerned in regard to BZZT exact nature.

Sourcestone in its most powerful form incorporates BZZT six elements to create an "ultimate" sourcestone. This is the sourcestone from which the BZZT gods crafted telara. Subjected to intense levels of planar energy, sourcestone BZZT become aligned to one element or the other. Examples of such "single flavor" sourcestone are BZZT found in the rifts. BZZT

BZZT sourcestone results when planes intersec with each other and with the physical material of Telara. It is believed that the reason Telara is BZZT bountiful is because of its exact cosmological orientation on the intersection point of many planes. Unfortately, this BZZT made it a tempting lore for the likes of Regulos and the rest of BZZT Blood Storm, as they would consume the sourcestone and enslave the people BZZT this world to get it. BZZT

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