Naming Conventions (Rift)  

Because the wikibase at ZAM incorporates a database and spans all the ZAM game sites, our article naming conventions are a little different from traditional wikis. Use these naming conventions when linking to an internal wiki page or creating a new one!

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Database Pages and the Wiki

"Namespace" is a prefix that allows the database and the wiki to find each other. The wiki page for anything in our database will have a namespace prefix that includes a colon, like this: Rift Item:Ascendant Sabatons of Fortune. Because of this colons cannot be used in wiki articles without namespace.

In the Rift wiki base we use these namespaces:

  • Rift Item: for items
  • Rift Quest: for quests
  • Rift Ability: for skills/spells
  • Rift Achievement: for achievements
  • Rift Zone: for zones
  • Rift Collection: for artifact collections
  • Rift Recipe: for recipes

So the wiki article name for the item Ascendant Sabatons of Fortune would be Rift Item:Ascendant Sabatons of Fortune.

Make any of these names into internal wiki links by putting two square brackets around them like this: [[Rift Item:Ascendant Sabatons of Fortune]].

General Wiki Articles

Anything that is not attached to a database record is just a plain ol' wiki article. In the ZAM Wikibase we put the name of the game, in parentheses, at the end of a general article name to avoid confusion between games. Stuff in parentheses will not display in a wiki link, but are still required or the link breaks.

  • An article on The Vigil is named "The Vigil (Rift)" and is linked to like this: [[The Vigil (Rift)]]
  • An article on Rift Warriors is named "Warrior (Rift)" and is linked to like this: [[Warrior (Rift)]]

Some general topics have longer descriptions in the name, like lore. Lore articles have (Rift Lore) at the end. Search for an example, or ask a Rift ZAM Content Manager for help if you are uncertain.

Question Marks

The ZAM wiki cannot handle question marks. Simply omit the question mark.


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