Gwynham and Enid Ironheart  

~On the Trail with Father & Daughter Ironheart~

About 200 years ago, when travelling across this land was fraught with peril, there was a man who outlined our world, that is, made a map of Vana'diel. It took great courage and many years to realize his dream, and along the way he raised a daughter who shared in his passion. These are the tracks of "The Man Who Risked Everything for the World," and his daughter.

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ゲィンハム・アイアンハート - Gwynham Ironheart

(688 - 765) A Hume sailor and adventurer, he began his career on a trading ship. However, an unfortunate incident caused him to lose one of his ships and he left in distress to pursue a life of adventure. It was then he began to trek across Vana'diel, mapping out his surroundings.

At first, many scoffed at his ridiculous undertaking, but after a while this determined seaman began to prove them wrong. Eventually, The Kingdom of Sand'Oria and the Republic of Bastok began to realize the necessity (and danger) of his project and provided him with funding.

Upon completing the Quon continent, Ironheart continued on to the uncharted lands of Valdeaunia. Unfortunately, it was here that he died valiantly in a battle against an Orcish attack party. All was not lost though, as his daughter, Enid, would continue his quest, exploring the continent of Mindartia. Thus, she completed his task of mapping out all of Vana'diel.

The accuracy of the Ironhearts was proven 100 years later upon the creation of the airship. Barring some minor additions, it was the map currently used by adventurers today. On Gwynham Ironheart's grave, who was lost to us in Valdeaunia, the adventurer, Sir Ordelle wrote: "Here lies the man who risked everything for our world."

エニッド・アイアンハート - Enid Ironheart

(752 - 784) The daughter of the famous Gwynham Ironheart and an Elvaan knight. As a youth, she was being raised to become a knight, but upon discovery of her father's history, she abandoned knighthood for a life of adventure. Over ten years later, she had traversed the continent of Mindartia and isle of Kazham, completing the "Vana'diel World Map." The Kingdom of Sand'Oria confirmed her findings and posthumously gave her official recognition as a cartographer.

The Ironhearts' monuments throughout Vana'diel

Monuments by Gwynham Ironheart:

Monuments by Enid Ironheart

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