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When Runes of Magic launched these were the titles you could get (or at least the ones wee could find out about). The Titles system has totally changed since then and this page is kept only as a reference. See Titles (RoM) for the growing list of the new titles.

TitleZoneQuest(s)Min. LevelNotes
Novice AdventurerHowling Mountains (Pioneers Colony) 1This is your normal first title that everyone receives when you follow threw your starting zone.
Full-stomach WarriorHowling Mountains (Logar)Bump in the Night10+The quest explains what to do.
Master of the Bear King; Bear Hunter; Bear Bully,Great Master of the Bear King, Lone RangerHowling Mountains (Logar) 1Past title name was called "I'v killed the bear King at lvl 10" now changed to "Master of the Bear King". You can receive either one of these titles by your lvl range. All you need to do is go to logar and kill the lvl 9 bears to spawn the "Bear King." Sometimes the spawn is fast or slow. If you kill the bear at lvl 10 and under you will receive the title "Master of the Bear King". If you kill the bear king at lvl 11-19 you will receive the title "Bear Hunter." Any lvls above will receive the title "Bear Bully". Great Master of the Bear King title is killing the bear king at lvl 1. Lone Ranger title can be received by completely soloing the bear when your lvl 10 and below.
Nemesis of the UndeadSilverspring (Forsaken Abby) 25You can receive this title by completing a run through Forsaken Abby without dying and within 25 or 30 minutes. To get the title your class must be lvl 25 and under or otherwise you won't get it.
Ecology Research Team MemberDust Devil Canyon 1So far only female characters can get this title. You need to go to the first camp called Obsidian Order Garrison. Go inside the tent and talk to the alchemy npc.
Hero of Taboreastarts in: Howling Mountains (Logar)Bloody Demon Blade Epic quest series 7Complete the epic quest series. Quest chain starts with Lola in Logar.
Cactus KillerDust Devil Canyon?47Kill the cactus Fruit boss and the Hyru Flower Cactus boss. Respawn time are long.
Santa's little helper (event)1Past title name was called "I believe I can Fly". Save all the Bridien Uncles during the Christmas event. You can no longer get this title
Roseheart (event)1Past title name was called "The Rose Represents My Heart" Valentine event title. Plant 30 roses to get this title. Go to the central plaza in Varanas City and talk to event npcs for more details. You can no longer get this title
Survivor of Malatina's GameVaranas City (Central Plaza) 1Past title name was called "Survived the Survival Game". You can get this title from the Malatina solo dungeon. Complete it one time under 10 mins. For more information about the Malatina dungeon visit this link
Contender of Malatina's GameVaranas City (Central Plaza) 1This title you received after you've beaten the mini game 30 times. You also get +15 Defense, +2 all attribute and +100 HP if you wear this title as well.
King of MolesVaranas City (Central Plaza) 1You can get this title by completing 100 runes in Malatina's mini game. (+6 all attribute, 200 hp, 25 pdef.)
Wanted by the ZurhidonMystic Altar 39-41This title seems very similar to the Abbey undead title only it comes from Mystic Altar. Need to be around lvl 40 and try to bypass as much of MA as possible and do only the bosses. Completing MA in 20-25 minutes elapsed time best time to receive the title.
Custom Title 1You can receive a custom title and call it anything you like. You can find the custom title in the cash shop.
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ZAM would like to thank Dasadorah of RoM Forums for the thread that compiled this information.

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