Battlestar Galactica MMO to Amp Up Beta Testers

Waiting for your chance to be one of the closed beta testers for Battlestar Galactica Online? You might get lucky in the next few days!

The title of this news post is pretty much self-explanatory, but if you need a little more backstory here, Battlestar Galactica Online has just announced on their Facebook page that they are planning to "significantly ramp up the number of Closed Beta Testers in the next few days." The short status update also goes on to specify that activated closed beta accounts will also be able to create a character on both the EU and the US servers.

Hopefully this means that a lot of BSG fans who have been patiently waiting to check out the closed beta of the game will finally get the chance to do so, so keep your eyes glued to your inboxes. You never know when that golden ticket will come!


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