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Ravious sat down with Jon Peters, Isaiah Cartwright, Regina Buenaobra and Martin Kerstein to discuss energy, skills, dungeons and PvP.


KillTenRats is back with part 2 of their interview with ArenAnet. Once again it's Ravious in the ring with Jon Peters and Isaiah Cartwright, with Martin Kerstein and Regina Buenaobra refereeing and adding their insights.

"An example is the Tornado skill for the elementalist. Cartwright said one of his favorite stories to tell was when he was playing with lead designer Eric Flannum, and everybody was dying all around. So Flannum popped the Tornado skill to become a living tornado and start flinging enemies away while Cartwright used Vengeance to get up off the ground and start reviving people that were downed. “You almost get the sense that once someone throws out an elite,” Cartwright continued, “it changes up the battlefield. In PvE when things go bad, you’re going to use elites to turn the tide.” The elite skills are designed to create these kind of epic moments of return. Peters said the phrase he likes to use is “change of pace.”"

One of the most interesting points is the focus on Elite skills, and their massive importance in Guild Wars 2:

"“In PvP, it creates a mind duel. Who is going to throw it first?” Cartwright said he knew a lot of people were worried about the person using elites first wins, but that’s really not how it plays out. Surprisingly, it’s the opposite. “Whoever throws it first, loses.” If an opponent throws an elite first, and a player can trick the opponent in to using it improperly, it’s game over."

Head over to KillTenRats to check out the rest of that interview, and make sure you caught part 1 over here.

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