Three Rings Design Announces Whirled Open Beta

Three Rings Design, creater of Puzzle Pirates, the popular web based F2P MMO has announced that their new "Whirled" area has entered open beta!
Greetings, from the other side of the Whirled!

After much toil and labour, Whirled has reached Open Beta! That means that anyone can sign up and play here;

You can also tell your friends about it! Huzzah!

For best results you will want to download Firefox 3 Beta 4 and the latest Flash plugin. Firefox 3 massively improves Javascript performance and you need the latest Flash plugin to run Whirled (you can make do with a slightly older Flash 9, but it's much slower for many games and rooms).
Whirled is a gaming portal with lots of mini-game opportunities and a fantastic approach to community!


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