AO Letter From Game Directors

Anarchy Online has a letter from the game directors up for November!
Then, as I mentioned briefly last time, we are also going to be looking at PVP, and 17.8 will include the first stage of a total re-write of the PVP title system, and will introduce separate rankings for solo and teaming PVP as well as a true dueling system with its own ranks as well for those that prefer that style of PVP as well. We truly hope that we will be able to cater for all the PVP tastes as much as possible with these changes, and while some of the details are still be thrashed out, we will be sure to let you all know closer to the time exactly what the system entails and how it works, but we think it will be an important part giving people additional goals and incentives in PVP.

Now, I can guess one of the next questions! Will there be rewards beyond the ranks themselves? In the short term the answer is no, when we introduce the changes we won’t be adding any item rewards for reaching a given rank as we want to see how the system works on the live dimensions first, and be sure we get the chance to do a round of adjustments (as there always are some things players adapt in ways we don’t predict!) before we consider rewards. It is on the drawing board and we are definitely open to adding specific rewards for gaining these new PVP ranks, but we also want to be sure we have the progression correct first! Lastly on this one, you needn’t worry about your old ranks, when the new system goes live we plan to save your old rank and players will hopefully have the option of which of their ranks displays by their name, be it their solo rank, team rank, duel rank or their old ‘legacy’ rank.
Lots of exciting news for what's coming, so go read!  If you haven't yet played in Rubi-Ka, there's a free play opportunity, so go check it out!


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