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Current Time Locked Progression Servers and the Expansions they are in

Server Expansion
Agnarr Late May/Early June Launch
Fippy Darkpaw The Darkened Sea
Lockjaw Shadows of Luclin
Phinigel Planes of Power
Ragefire Shadows of Luclin
Vulak`Aerr Seeds of Destruction

Agnarr TLP Server

Agnarr will be the new progression server coming up early summer 2017. Here are the details on this server.

Agnarr is a time-locked progression server that will start at the base game and eventually lock at Lost Dungeons of Norrath… permanently.
We will refer to this server informally as "PoP-locked" even though it will eventually include Legacy of Ykesha and Lost Dungeons of Norrath.
Expansions automatically unlock 12-weeks per expansion.
Experience rates will be the same as Ragefire and Lockjaw.
True Box server rules apply (one account per machine).
We will have a limited store that will start with lower-tier consumables (potions & buffs), appearances, and bags – and some mounts will unlock with Luclin.
But marketplace offerings will not be too powerful for each expansion's era.

Unlock dates for Expansions on Phinigel

Expansions unlock at 2pm PST on the below dates.

Expansion(s) Unlock Date
Original EverQuest Server opened December 9, 2015
The Ruins of Kunark March 2, 2016
The Scars of Velious May 18, 2016
Shadows of Luclin September 28, 2016
Planes of Power & Legacy of Ykesha February 1, 2017
Lost Dungeons of Norrath April 26, 2017
Gates of Discord July 19, 2017
Omens of War September 13, 2017
Dragons of Norrath December 6, 2017

Start of vote for Expansions on Ragefire

Expansion(s) Start Vote Date Unlock Date If Vote Passes
Planes of Power & Legacy of Ykesha Evening of May 16, 2017 May 29th, 2017

Start of vote for Expansions on Lockjaw

Expansion(s) Start Vote Date Unlock Date If Vote Passes
Planes of Power & Legacy of Ykesha Evening of May 30, 2017 June 12, 2017

History of Fippy Darkpaw Server

Expansion Status Launch Date
Server Launch Feb 15, 2011
Original Completed Feb 24, 2011
Ruins of Kunark Unlocked June 6, 2011
Ruins of Kunark Completed June 19, 2011
Scars of Velious Unlocked Aug 29, 2011
Scars of Velious Completed Sept 14, 2011
Shadows of Luclin Unlocked Nov 21, 2011
Shadows of Luclin Completed Dec 4, 2011
Planes of Power Unlocked Feb 13, 2012
Planes of Power Completed (Need Date)
Lost Dungeons of Norrath Unlocked Mar 12, 2012
Lost Dungeons of Norrath Completed (Need Date)
Legacy of Ykesha Unlocked Mar 12, 2012
Legacy of Ykesha Completed (Need Date. Looks like LoY and LDoN released together)
Gates of Discord Unlock vote failed May 7, 2012
Gates of Discord Unlock vote failed May 21, 2012
Gates of Discord Unlock vote failed June 4, 4012
Gates of Discord Unlock vote failed June 18. 2012
Omens of War Unlocked Sept 10, 2012
Omens of War Completed Sept 12, 2012
I need the rest of these to latest

Server Transfers

Server <-- Servers Allowed Transfers From Servers Allowed to Transfer to -->
Fippy Vulak`Aerr and ? Live Servers
Vulak`Aerr ? Live Servers
Ragefire Lockjaw Live Servers
Lockjaw Ragefire Live Servers
Phinigel None Live Servers

Explanation of the Voting System (Fippy, Vulak, Ragefire and Lockjaw)

These four servers use a voting system to determine whether each new expansion will unlock. After all content for the current expansion is defeated, a waiting period is triggered, followed by a voting period. Depending on the results of the vote, the next expansion will then launch.

Voting periods start every other Monday at 12:00 AM Pacific. To figure out when a particular voting period will begin, you need to confirm the date of a previous voting period starting, and count every other Monday on the calendar from there. (Expansion launches always occur at the start of a voting period so you can use those dates to figure it out.) For example, on Fippy, Rain of Fear launched on Monday March 7 2016, so that voting period was March 7-March 20 2016. The following voting period was March 21-April 3. And so on. The voting periods are the same for all servers so you can use expansion launch dates from one to calculate voting periods on another.

When an expansion is defeated, a period of time passes (60 days on Fippy/Vulak, 180 days on RF/LJ). This period is exact to the hour, and will not compensate for changes to or from daylight savings time. At the end of that time period, one of two things will happen depending upon where the current date falls in the current voting period:

A) If the date falls in the first half of the current voting period (that is to say, the first week), the vote SHOULD launch immediately and last until the end of the current voting period (sometimes it bugs out if the date falls on a Sunday close to the end of the first half of the voting period. Then, it will do option B instead. Because the devs are not working on Sunday night at 11 PM there's not much to be done other than live with it--by the time they discover the problem it is too late to fix it.)

B) If the date falls in the second half of the current voting period the vote will not open until the start of the following voting period. The vote will launch the following Monday and last a full two weeks.

When the voting period ends, if the vote passes, the expansion launches immediately (in theory... Sometimes it doesn't work right and the expansion needs to be manually triggered, especially in the case of option A above. Option B usually works flawlessly.) If the vote fails, a new vote immediately launches, lasting the full two weeks of the next voting period.

What expansion do we get this?

I'll need help setting these right but I'm going mainly off patch history which doesn't match what is actually released on the progression servers sometimes. This table is sortable by clicking on the headers.

What? Expansion Notes
AA's Luclin
AA Saved Cap: 2 x Your Level Luclin Was recently added in a patch which works for progression servers as well.
Armor Dye Legacy of Ykesha
Bandolier Dragons of Norrath
Bank Slot Increase: 8 more slots Legacy of Ykesha
Bank Slots: 2 Shared Slots added Legacy of Ykesha
Barter in the Bazaar Dragons of Norrath
Buy Now in the Bazaar Rain of Fear This allows you to have items delivered to you bought in the bazaar..
Buff Slot Increase: 19-23 Omens of War
Casino in Shadow Haven Gates of Discord
Class: Beastlord Luclin
Class: Berserker Gates of Discord
Epic 1.0 Ruins of Kunark
Epic 1.5 and 2.0 Omens of War
Group/Raid Leadership Abilities Original
Guild Bank, Guild Halls, Guild Lobby Dragons of Norrath
Guild Tribute Omens of War
Heroic Characters Call of the Forsaken
Hot Zones - Level 65 and lower The Serpent's Spine Reference to New Hot zone system - Complete List of Hotzones
Hot Zones - Level 70 Secrets of Faydwer
Hot Zones - Level 75 Seeds of Destruction
Hot Zones - Level 80 House of Thule
Hot Zones - Level 85 Veil of Alaris
Hot Zones - Level 90 Rain of Fear
Hot Zones - Level 95 The Darkened Sea
Item Slot: Charm Legacy of Ykesha
Level 60 Ruins of Kunark
Level 65 Planes of Power
Level 70 Omens of War
Level 75 The Serpent Spine
Level 80 Secrets of Faydwer
Level 85 Seeds of Destruction
Level 90 House of Thule
Level 95 Veil of Alaris
Level 100 Rain of Fear
Level 105 The Darkened Sea
Map Tools Legacy of Ykesha
Mercenaries Seeds of Destruction
Neighborhoods House of Thule Reference
Personal Tribute Gates of Discord
Plane of Hate "B" Legacy of Ykesha
Potion Belt Dragons of Norrath
Pre-Revamped: Castle Mistmoore Depths of Darkhollow
Pre-Revamped: Lesser Faydark Depths of Darkhollow
Race: Frogloks Legacy of Ykesha
Race: Drakkin The Serpent Spine
Race: Iksar Kunark
Race: Vah Shir Luclin
Revamped: Acrylia Caverns Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: Castle Mistmoore Omens of War
Revamped: Cazic Thule Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: Charasis Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: City of Mist Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: Dragon Necropolis Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: Grieg's End Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: Grimling Forest Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: Hollowshade Moor Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: Kerra Ridge Ruins of Kunark
Revamped: Mines of Nurga Lost Dungeons of Norrath Reference
Revamped: Plane of Fear and Hate Scars of Velious
Revamped: Plane of Mischief Lost Dungeons of Norrath
Revamped: Siren's Grotto Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: Splitpaw 2.0 Ruins of Kunark
Revamped: Splitpaw 3.0 Lost Dungeons of Norrath Reference
Revamped: Temple of Droga Lost Dungeons of Norrath Reference
Revamped: The Deep Legacy of Ykesha
Revamped: The Hole Lost Dungeons of Norrath Reference
Revamped: Veeshan's Peak Gates of Discord
Rogue Poison: Bite of the Shissar Underfoot These are the poisons that are sold on Loran Thu'Leth in PoK.
Skill: Bash Luclin Clerics gain this skill at level 25. Skill is capped at 125 at 50 and 165 at 60.
Skill: Triple Attack Scars of Velious Monks gain this ability at level 60.
Skill Cap Increase: Defense Scars of Velious Rangers get an increase to 220.
Skill Cap Increase: Defense Luclin Beastlord's and Rangers get an increase to 240.
Skill Cap Increase: Dodge Luclin Warrior's to 190. Bard's, Beastlord's, Paladin's, Ranger's, SK's to 170.
Skill Cap Increase: Double Attack Scars of Velious Rangers get an increase to 245.
Skill Cap Increase: Flying Kick Scars of Velious Monks see increase to this skill starting at level 51 and scaling up to 60.
Skill Cap Increase: Offense Scars of Velious Bards see increase to 252.
Skill Cap Increase: Parry Scars of Velious Bards see increase to 185.
Skill Cap Increase: Piercing, 1HB, 1HS Scars of Velious Bards see increase to 250 for 1HB, 1HS and 250 for Piercing at level 60.
Skill Cap Increase: Piercing, 1HB, 2HB Omens of War 250 skill at Level 60.
Skill Cap Increase: Riposte Scars of Velious Rangers get an increase to 185.
Skill Cap Increase: Taunt Scars of Velious Increased to 230 at Level 60 for Warriors. Paladins, SK's see increase to 220.
Spell Slot Increase: 9 Omens of War
Stat Cap Increase: Resists Omens of War Raised 25 points by AA"s.
Stat Cap Increase: Resists Omens of War Raised an additional 25 points by completing all MPG Trials.
Stats: Intelligence & Wisdom Luclin Increase to the amount of mana given at higher levels. (Need detail)
Tracking: Druid Cap Raised Scars of Velious Raised to 125 skill.
Tradeskills - 200+ Ruins of Kunark Can only train 1 primary tradeskill above 200 + alchemy, poison making, tinkering.
Veteran Rewards Gates of Discord You get all rewards at once.
Zone - Jaggedpine Forest Luclin
Zone - Plane of Hate "B" Lost Dungeons of Norrath Reference
Zone - Stonebrunt Mountains Scars of Velious
Zone - The Hole Ruins of Kunark
Zone - The Warrens Scars of Velious
Zone - Veksar Legacy of Ykesha

List of Expansions in Order

4Planes of Power
5Legacy of Ykesha
6Lost Dungeons of Norrath
7Gates of Discord
8Omens of War
9Dragons of Norrath
10Depths of Darkhollow
11Prophecy of Ro
12The Serpent's Spine
13The Buried Sea
14Secrets of Faydwer
16Seeds of Destruction
18House of Thule
19Veil of Alaris
20Rain of Fear
21Call of the Forsaken
22The Darkened Sea
23The Broken Mirror
24Empires of Kunark


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