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EverQuest II
Gear Up, Level Up Week 6

Another loaded week of Gear Up, Level Up bonuses has arrived!

From 12:01AM PT on Monday, November 6, 2017, up until 11:59PM PT on Sunday, November 12, 2017 ALL players on Live Servers will be receiving double loot AND double Proving Grounds Currency! 

If you're playing on a Progression Server, this week you'll be granted double status!

Get adventuring, Norrathians, and make use of these perks while you can!

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Wednesday October 25, 2017


  • Increased experience point gain on the Fallen Gate server.

Ring of Scale Stream Notes

Here are some rough notes I got from the live stream.

Level increase to 110. 
Ring of Scale launches December 12th. 
Beta Reward is a helmet (looks like a cactus plant) will augment into heros forge. 
Familiar from the pre orders are available on the TLP servers. None of them have stats.
* items are available on the TLP servers on the expansion page. 
Housing items will be included for your houses if you pre order. 
Housing item, Green Latern ports you to skyfire, right outside of Gorwyn. 
1 new zone Gorwyn. Veeshan's Peak redone. Skyfire redone. Howling Stones redone. Will check if more once I get in beta. 
3 sets of Heros Forge, Raid, Group and Tradeskills. 
9 raids. 
New AA's. 
Mercenaries will level up to level 110. 
Devourer Familiar. 
Familiar riding a mount is premium only. 
Cocatrice mount comes with collectors edition. 
Wyvern mount is premium. 
New tradeskills. 
105 to 110 is the level target for all the expansion. 
Zones are set up the same as EoK as far as tiers go. 
No beta NDA.

You can pre-order RoS here.

Once you pre order you should be flagged for the beta forums (may take a little bit). The beta client link is posted on the beta forums.

 You can watch the recap of the stream here.

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday October 24, 2017


  • Illusion: Clockwork Calamity may no longer be used in the Proving Grounds.


  • The Freeport quests On a Boat and Betrayal By Boat now offer a bow reward to Channelers in the 60-69 level range.
  • Shortbow of Kain and Shortbow of Bayle are now usable by all scout classes, and have been added to the city vendors.

Server Maintenance Oct 24, 2017

Everquest will be undergoing a maintenance period at 9:30 AM PDT on Oct 24, and is expected to last approximately 1.5 hours.

Ring of Scale Expansion Live Stream

Hail Norrathians! Everquest: Ring of Scale news is fast approaching!

Join the EverQuest team on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 10AM PT* for a Ring of Scale expansion livestream on Facebook Live


During the livestream, the team will reveal new zones and items, discuss game lore, and share some of the expansion's exciting new features! The team will also answer a handful of player questions about Ring of Scale, so be sure to hop in and chat with us!

Your journey won't end when the livestream is finished - if you love what you see, you'll be able to pre-order EverQuest: Ring of Scale that day! Pre-ordering the expansion will give you access to the Ring of Scale beta, which is also slated to begin on October 25, 2017!

Already have some questions ready for the team? You can start asking them here now! Some of them may be pulled from this thread to be answered during the livestream!

We'll see you on October 25, Norrathians!

As far as Allakhazam site news goes, the forum fixes will be happening next week. We were waiting on one of the ZAM site teams to remove some dependencies on the allakhazam site so we could move forward with this. They have finished with that task.

On Monday there will be discussion as to when we'll be taking the site down for these forum fixes. Stay tuned for news on that.

Take our poll on Ring of Scale beta on the right side of the site! ----->

We're curious how many people will be participating.

Incoming Patch Tomorrow Morning

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 6:30 AM PT* for an update. Estimated downtime is approximately 7 hours.

October 18, 2017

*** Highlights ***

- Stored AA points greater than 3 times your level will now be removed after logging out. The earned-limit remains 2 times your level. See the AA section below for details.

*** Items ***

- Added kick skill damage to Darkened Cobalt Breastplate, Darkened Tolan's Darkwood Breastplate, and Darkened Wild Lord's Tunic. Added Tiger Claw skill damage to Darkened Wild Lord's Tunic. 

*** Tradeskills ***

- Restored the Brew Barrel, Jewelry Table, Kiln, Oven, and Pottery Wheel to the neighborhood. 
- Corrected an issue that restricted the spell research table in the Plane of Knowledge to casters only.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Doorstep of War (Raid & Mission) - Fixed a bug that could cause the 'You Be The Hero' achievement to fail if enemies are killed by certain spell effects. 
- In Defense of Health - Fixed a text error that could mislead people into trying to kill things out of order in the Vile Brutes version. 
- Edmuund's Plight - Icecore will now spawn in Frostcrypt.
- Key to Charasis - Reduced the chance for Chancellor of Di`Zok to spawn.

*** Spells ***

- Paladin - Modified the recourse from the Challenge for Honor line so that it will absorb incoming melee damage even if there is a Vie effect on you.
- Shaman - Extended the range for the healing portion of all ranks of the Healing Counterbias line to 300. 
- Made the following improvements to the amount of aggro generated by spells:
- - Fixed an issue that prevented abilities like Spell Casting Subtlety and Bold Attacks from improving the aggro of your first spell against a target.
- - Fixed an issue that prevented abilities like Bold Attacks from improving the aggro generated by hate-over-time spells (Ex: Impose for Honor).
- - Fixed an issue that prevented abilities like Spell Casting Subtlety from reducing the aggro generated by damage-over-time spells.

*** AA ***

- Stored AA points greater than 3 times your level will now be removed after logging out. The earned-limit remains 2 times your level.
- - You will now be prompted to purchase any available AA abilities prior to camping if you are over the stored-limit.
- - Free-to-play members who exceed the stored-limit will be allowed to purchase abilities until their stored AA total is below the stored-limit.
- Added a 'Buy All' button to the Alternate Advancement Window which allows you to purchase as many ranks of an AA ability as you can afford.
- All - Moved Item Effect abilities from the General to the Special tab. 
- All - Fixed a bug that prevented abilities that grant resistance to specific effects, such as Mental Fortitude, from working. Reduced the effective percentage of these lines now that the abilities function.
- Multiple - Consolidated Shielding Resistance, Sinister Strikes, and Slippery Attacks to be ranks of Ambidexterity. 
- Multiple - Consolidated Quicker Damage to be additional ranks of Quick Damage. 
- Multiple - Consolidated Body and Mind Rejuvenation to be rank 4 of Mental Clarity and an equivalent rank 7 of Innate Regeneration. The ability lines were refunded with this change. 
- Multiple - Consolidated Natural Healing to be ranks 4-6 of Innate Regeneration. The ability lines were refunded with this change. 
- Multiple - The ability line Tactical Mastery has been renamed Strikethrough. 
- Multiple - Consolidated Fortify Companion and Companion's Agility, Blessing, Durability, and Sturdiness into a single ability, Companion's Fortification. 
- - The ability retains the passive benefits of all the consolidated lines. 
- - Activating the ability triggers Fortify Companion and Companion's Blessing. 
- - Companion's Blessing now serves as a preemptive buff that will trigger its healing and mitigation effects if your pet drops below 40% health. 
- Multiple - Consolidated Companion's Aggression, Alacrity, Fury, and Wrath into a single ability, Companion's Fury. The ability lines were refunded with this change. 
- Multiple - Renamed Companion's Divine Aura to Companion's Intervening Divine Aura and changed its functionality. The ability now places a buff on your pet that will trigger invulnerability should its health drop below 20%. 
- Multiple - Consolidated Pet Affinity to be a rank of Suspended Minion and renamed the line Companion's Suspension. 
- Multiple - Consolidated Pet Discipline and Companion's Relocation into a single line, Companion's Discipline. 
- Bard, Rogue - Consolidated Advanced Trap Negotiation to be ranks of Thief's Intuition. 
- Berserker, Warrior - Consolidated Ferocity, Flurry, and Punishing Blade to be ranks of Burst of Power. 
- Cleric, Shaman - Refunded Extended Elixirs and reduced the level required to purchase ranks 1-3 of Prolonged Salve. 
- Druid, Wizard - Refunded Hastened Recall and added 6 additional ranks to the Secondary Recall and Tertiary Recall abilities that offer hastening. 
- Necromancer, Shadowknight - Consolidated Feigned Minion to be ranks of Companion's Discipline. The ability lines were refunded with this change.
- Necromancer, Shadowknight - Consolidated Deathly Pact and Intrinsic Efficiency to a single line, Embalmer's Efficiency. The ability lines were refunded with this change.
- Paladin, Shadowknight - Consolidated Flurry, Knight's Advantage, and Speed of the Knight to be ranks of Burst of Power. 
- Paladin, Shadowknight, Warrior - Fixed an issue that prevented the buffs triggered by Weapon Stances from taking effect immediately upon changing weapons.
- Bard - Staunch Recovery will now restore mana for bards.
- Bard - Consolidated Allegretto of Battle, Flurry, Harmonious Attack, and Vivace of Conflict to be ranks of Burst of Power. The ability lines were refunded with this change. 
- Bard - Consolidated Total Domination to be ranks of Domination Mastery. 
- Beastlord - Consolidated Bestial Frenzy and Primal Fury to be ranks of Burst of Power. 
- Beastlord - Consolidated Bestial Bloodrage to be ranks of Companion's Fury. 
- Cleric - The ability line Righteous Zeal has been renamed Burst of Power.
- Druid - Consolidated Mastery of Nature to be ranks of Dire Charm.
- Enchanter - Consolidated Animation Empathy and Companion's Relocation to be ranks of Companion's Discipline. The ability lines were refunded with this change.
- Enchanter - Consolidated Forceful Banishment to be ranks of Beguiler's Banishment and Beguiler's Directed Banishment. 
- Enchanter - Ability: Enchant Planar Alloy and Ability: Mass Enchant Planar Alloy will now activate at level 85 and 86 respectively. 
- Magician - Refunded Hastened Heart of the Elements and added 7 additional ranks to Heart of Flames, Ice, Stone, and Vapor that offer hastening. 
- Magician - Consolidated Frenzied Burnout to be ranks of Companion's Fury. Reduced the number of counters on Virulent Talon and increased the amount of damage done by Virulent Talon Strike. 
- Magician - Consolidated Quick Summoning, Improved Reclaim Energy, and Intrinsic Efficiency to be ranks of Conjurer's Efficiency. 
- Monk - Consolidated Ferocity, Punishing Blade, and Rapid Strikes to be ranks of Burst of Power. The ability lines were refunded with this change. 
- Monk - Consolidated Tactical Mastery to be ranks of Strikethrough. The ability lines were refunded with this change.
- Monk - Consolidated Critical Mend and Hastened Mend into a single line, Improved Mend. 
- Necromancer - Consolidated Frenzy of the Dead to be ranks of Companion's Fury. 
- Ranger - Consolidated Ferocity, Lightning Strikes, and Punishing Blade to be ranks of Burst of Power. The ability lines were refunded with this change. 
- Ranger - The ability line Keen Blade has been renamed Strikethrough. 
- Rogue - Consolidated Flurry to be ranks of Burst of Power. 
- Shaman - Fixed a bug that prevented Focus: Regenerating Counterbias from functioning. 
- Shaman - The ability line Double Attack has been renamed Burst of Power. 
- Shaman - Consolidated Pathosis and Extended Pathosis to be ranks of Malosinete. 
- Shaman - Consolidated Wind of Pathosis to be ranks of Wind of Malosinete. 
- Warrior - Fixed a bug that prevented Hastened Flash of Anger from functioning. 
- Wizard - Consolidated Sustained Devastation and Hastened Devastation to be ranks of Frenzied Devastation. 
- Wizard - Consolidated Hastened Fury of the Gods and Fury of Druzzil, E`ci, Kerafyrm, and Ro into a single line, Fury of the Gods. 
- - All ranks of this ability will now focus all direct-damage spells, abilities, and effects. 
- - The damage focus now scales from 75 at rank 1 to 3600 at rank 53. 
- - All ranks now increase base-damage rather than ranks 1-7 increasing total-damage and 8+ increasing base-damage. 
- - Reduced the hastening ranks from 3 to 2 minutes per rank and reduced the duration to 4 minutes. 

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Added the /run command to make your character run if it isn't. This command is not toggleable (i.e. /run will never make you walk).

*** UI ***

- Fixed a crash related to the Find Item Window and custom UIs.
- Added a new message to the server select screen that indicates when the server is too busy to process your login request.
- Fixed a crash related to the /pick window and custom UIs.
- Updated the spell information window so that it shows more consistent information when you inspect buffs or debuffs.
- - Added the ability for spell descriptions to display links to other spells.
- - Clicking on a spell icon from the spell description will generate a new link in your chat window. Press enter to share the spell in a clickable link.
- - You can also right-click on any of your buffs and choose the option 'Link spell to chat' to generate a spell link.
- Corrected an issue where the advanced loot window sometimes wouldn't list group members in the Give to: and Set all to: fields.
- Corrected an issue where loot filters in the loot filters window could have duplicate item entries.

- Changed -


*** Previously Updated ***

- Corrected an issue that allowed flagged players to exist in Anguish but not enter it.
- Access to Anguish (Quest) - It is no longer necessary to get a hidden 7th flag in order to loot items within Anguish. 
- Access to Anguish (Quest) - Fixed a problem with 85/15 access not working for Anguish. 

- The EverQuest Team