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EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday March 19, 2019



  • Reduced the experience granted by exploration.

The Anchorage

  • Adventurers or Tradeskillers who have completed the Mischief Managed quest series will now have their alternate characters on their account able to speak to and receive requisitions from Bondrin, Eifae, Jurie, and Hibbie within the Anchorage.
  • Dying (Somehow...) within the Anchorage should no longer leave the poor soul stuck within geometry upon reviving. This applies to the unfinished mine as well.
  • Hibbie Felfoot and Eifae Goldthorn should no longer announce to the zone about how unhappy they are with you about upsetting them. Though they will continue to be upset with you, you dirty rascal, you.
  • The Mischievous Castle should now allow 110 tradeskiller OR 110 adventurer to use the attached portal to Cobalt Scar instead of only 110 adventurer.
  • Corrected an issue that would occasionally prevent the scarred masses of coal from being able to have line of sight in order to harvest them.
  • The Mischievous Castle should now take players to the Anchorage entrance instead of the outrider camp in Cobalt Scar.

Castle Mischief [Raid]

  • The Celestial Voidwrought Rune set should now give the bonus within Castle Mischief.
  • Fizzlethrope Bristlebane has been asked to turn down his volume a bit... He is such a party animal.
  • The puppetshow curtain should now raise if you return to Castle Mischief after having previously progressed past the curtain in a previously saved zone, regardless how much Bristlebane attempts to troll your raid force. However, he may or may not change which paths are valid...

Fabled Runnyeye: The Gathering [Heroic & Solo]

  • More revive junctions have been added.

Time-Locked Servers

  • Shadowy stags should no longer spawn until the appropriate expansion has been enabled.


  • Reduced the amount of potency granted by confront fear on Time-Locked servers.


  • Mischievous recipes now require mischievous patterns.
  • Corrected a bug that reduced the stats granted by Pack Unicorn and Far Seas Pack Pegasus.


  • Corrected a bug on Arcanna'se Effigy of Rebirth and Altar of the Ancients that prevented their effects from reapplying.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented armor from Fabled Runnyeye from transmuting into Chaos Descending materials.
  • Reduced the primary attributes granted by Terror Yaulp.
  • Corrected a bug that granted Ring o' da Pazt double stats.
  • Restored the tradeskill stats on Shroud of Hidden Harvests, Ruthenium Clockwork Drape, Scholar's Cranial Capacitor.
  • Bejeweled Ring of Scales: Added 0.6 Potency, Primary Attributes increased by 5, Stamina increased by 5, Added 0.3 Crit Chance, Added 2.6 DPS, resists increased by 3, Offensive Skills increased by 1, Defensive Skills increased by 1, Hategain increased by 1.6
  • Prismatic Baton of the Scale: Potency increased by 0.6, Primary Attributes increased by 8, Stamina increased by 8, Added 0.5 Crit Chance, Added 0.8 Haste, Added 13 Ability Mod, Added 1.2 Max HP Percent, Added 0.5 Block Chance, Defensive Skills increased by 3
  • Prismatic Greatsword of the Scale: Potency increased by 1.2, Primary Attributes increased by 16, Stamina increased by 16, Added 1 Crit Chance, Added 6.4 DPS, Added 26 Ability Mod, Added 2.4 Max HP Percent, Offensive Skills increased by 3, Defensive Skills increased by 3
  • Prismatic Longsword of the Scale: Potency increased by 0.6, Primary Attributes increased by 8, Stamina increased by 8, Added 0.5 Crit Chance, Added 1.6 Multi Attack Chance, Added 13 Ability Mod, Added 1.2 Max HP Percent, Defensive Skills increased by 3, Hategain increased by 2.5
  • Prismatic Rod of the Scale: Potency increased by 0.6, Primary Attributes increased by 8, Stamina increased by 8, Added 0.5 Crit Chance, Ability Mod increased by 6, Added 1.4 Reuse Speed, Casting Skills increased by 3
  • Prismatic Scepter of the Scale: Potency increased by 0.6, Primary Attributes increased by 8, Stamina increased by 8, Added 0.5 Crit Chance, Added 3.2 DPS, Added 13 Ability Mod, Offensive Skills increased by 3
  • Prismatic Swiftblade of the Scale: Potency increased by 0.6, Primary Attributes increased by 8, Stamina increased by 8, Added 0.5 Crit Chance, DPS increased by 2.4, Added 13 Ability Mod, Offensive Skills increased by 3

Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of Ro [Public Quest]

  • The blazing heat of the Southern Desert of Ro has caused a slight reduction in hitpoints to those who inhabit it.


  • Mischief Managed: Duty and the Beast: Live Capture Traps should now update more reliably within Cobalt Scar.
  • Mischief Managed: Forming the Feyiron Skillets Guild will now properly update if you have completed the quest to convince Jurie to join the Anchorage prior to Hibbie.
  • Mischief Managed: Forming the Ak'Anon's Finest Guild will now properly update if you have completed the quest to convince Hibbie to join the Anchorage prior to Jurie.
  • Mischief Managed: Forming the All's Eye Guild should update more reliably for Eifae in Greater Faydark.

Happy 20th Everquest!

Happy 20th Everquest from all of us at Allakhazam. We have had a blast serving up content over the years to all of those that love EQ.



The day has finally arrived, and EverQuest has turned an impressive 20 years old! We’re be kicking off the 20th Anniversary celebrations in-game on Saturday, March 16, 2018, and you're invited to join in on all the fun!

While this will provide you with a glimpse of what we have going on in the game, be sure to keep a look out all day for even more announcements and fun!


Gnome Memorial Mountain - Preserving the Past

Gnome Memorial Mountain is a new open world zone full of quests, collections, and raids, and has arrived just in time for the 20th Anniversary!

The gnomelikes are thrilled to bring outsiders in to tour the memorial that they have kept preserved for so many years - finally, they are able to honor their makers. But beyond the museum walls, threats of destruction loom. 

Keep a diligent eye out for Belira Blastil, a gnomelike who orchestrates defense for the entire mountain. Should she find you trustworthy, she's likely to ask for your aid in defending her people and the memorial that they've preserved for so many years - whether this involves defeating wereorcs and the Iron Legion, studying up on clockworks that aren't running quite like they should, or lending a helping hand wherever else you can.

If you're looking to learn more, you can revisit the Gnome Memorial Mountain story or review the Preserving the Past overview.

Selo and Mangler Progression Servers

As we come together to celebrate this momentous anniversary, it's the perfect time to begin a brand new adventure in Norrath and relive the earliest days of the game.

Players will be given TWO new opportunities to reexperience EverQuest's history when the Selo and Mangler Progression Servers launch on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 12 PM PT

Selo is a Fast Progression Server, with faster experience and faction gain, shorter instance timers, and monthly expansion unlocks. The Selo server will start in the Luclin era, and is a perfect place for any player that wants to fly through 20 years of EverQuest content. Mangler is a Standard Progression server that will start in classic EverQuest. Expansion unlocks will happen every 12 weeks, and standard experience rates, will keep the server's pace more leisurely for anyone that wants to play at a more relaxed speed.

If you have yet to learn about these exciting new servers, take a look at the most recent announcement post here.


New Pack Offerings

The EQ Anniversary Pack (Twentieth Anniversary Starter Pack) and the EQ Anniversary Bundle (Twentieth Anniversary Starter Pack + New Player Starter Pack) are now available for purchase online and in-game!

The Anniversary Pack contains one 40-slot 100% weight reducing bag and three Bottle of Adventure II's. If you're looking to upgrade, the Anniversary Bundle includes everything in the Anniversary Pack plus two additional 20-slot 50% weight reduction bags, two additional Bottle of Adventure II's, and an assortment of other potions. These items can be claimed on ANY server you play on, including the new Selo and Mangler Progression Servers!

To see all the contents of the bundles and purchase yours, you can visit the online shop here.


Returning Anniversary Content

All of the modern anniversary content from the 14th - 19th anniversaries will go live along with Gnome Memorial Mountain and Preserving the Past content on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

On Friday, April 12, 2019 legacy content from the 5th - 13th anniversaries will return! All Anniversary content and events will be accessible in game until Friday, May 10, 2018.

A Formal Dinner Party

If you're celebrating this year's anniversary on one of our Progression Servers, any Anniversary content will be made available in the era that it originally unlocked.

To find out more about these events, speak to the Mechanical Fortune Teller in the Plane of Knowledge.


Bonus Experience

Starting today, players will earn 50% more experience for the rest of March!

Bonus Experience

This special experience bonus will continue to run through Saturday, March 31, 2018.


Looking for even more information on ALL of the EverQuest anniversary content? See Fanra’s Wiki for a more detailed look at in-game content from over the years!


We appreciate your continued support for EverQuest over these 20 years, and we’re thrilled to have reached this milestone with each and every one of you. Be sure to keep an eye out for more celebrations, headed your way today and throughout the rest of March!

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Saturday March 16, 2019



  • Event PvP Server
  • Each account will only be able to create a single character on Nagafen, so be diligent when deciding on a race and class! And of course, know that with only one character, you will become known for the choices you make and your victories in battle.
  • More Info:

Level Progression

  • This is a PvP server, so the majority of your progression will come from PvP fights. When you defeat an opponent, you will be given an XP reward, with unique kills giving you much more experience than players you have taken down previously. The more you defeat the same player, the less they will be worth. Quest experience will be the next best experience available, with NPC encounter experience rewards being relatively low in comparison.
  • You will not have the ability to disable PvP experience rewards.

Free-For-All PvP

  • PvP combat will be free-for-all and factionless, which means that anyone outside of your group or raid will be considered a hostile target. Every player is a potential target, and every player is a potential group mate, so you'd better learn how to make friends fast.


  • Speaking to the Priest of Discord in Freeport and Qeynos will open a PvP leaderboard which will display a sortable list of all pvp leaders.

Bounty Missions

  • Once you have obtained level 15 you will become eligible for PvP bounties, granted by the Priest of Discord in Freeport and Qeynos. These bounties will update when you defeat one of the top 15 PvP leaderboard members of the appropriate type. While on a bounty mission you will have access to the Bounty Tracker inventory item to assist you in tracking down your targets.

Zones and Player Vs. Player Level Range

  • "Newbie" zones will have a 4 level PvP range. Zones that are included in the 4 level PvP range are: Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Frostfang Sea, Oakmyst Forest, Outpost of the Overlord, Queen's Colony, The Caves, The Forest Ruins, The Graveyard, The Peat Bog, The Ruins, The Sprawl, The Sunken City, Big Bend, Stonestair Byway, Temple Street, Beggar's Court, Longshadow Alley, Scale Yard, Nettleville, Starcrest Commune, Graystone Yard, Castleview Hamlet, The Willow Wood, and The Baubbleshire. Normal zones will have an 8 level PvP range and zones intended for level 40+ will have an unlimited PvP range. The only non-PvP zones will be Freeport and Qeynos. All other zones are open for business.

PvP Death

  • Characters that are killed in PvP will drop up to 70% of the coin they are carrying with them. Coin kept in the bank is not affected. There is also a chance that they will drop one of the tradeable items that they are carrying in their bags.

PvP Ability Balance

  • PvP specific templates have been created for many spells that are too powerful in their base forms for PvP combat, such as control abilities (charm, fear, etc). These templates are intended to reduce their power to the desired balance of the ability, without removing their desirability entirely.

PvP General

  • Auto-Follow, and Auto-Run will break when hit in PvP combat.

Runnyeye Fabled
As is the nature of Bolgin Serilis' disaster-inducing creation – the goblin – wherever they go, mayhem follows. And nowhere on Norrath, or on any other known (and quite possibly unknown) plane of existence, is this more evident than within their underground citadel of Runnyeye. However, it's not just the Runnyeye clan of goblins causing a raucous heard as far away as The Fool's Gold. Oh no, they've decided to throw a party! A great gathering of goblins, from every nook and cranny, have descended into the dungy depths of Runnyeye, and are just waiting for someone to crash their party. That someone might as well be you, brave adventurers!

The Anchorage [Public Tradeskill]
The dust has settled, the parlay has ended. The armies of Freeport and Qeynos have retreated back to their respective cities. What remains of the New Combine? Very few have stayed behind to finish the work that all once believed was possible – and they need help. Whilhelm Nam’terin was once a dockmaster for the New Combine but he has since shared his dream to create a research society with to cultivate new and unique curiosities. Whilhelm is calling for the aid of any capable tradeskiller to help make this dream a reality. Do your part to help form the Anchorage! Those wishing to lend a hand can find Whilhelm near the Salt Breeze camp in Cobalt Scar if they have completed “The Scrivener’s Tale” quest series in Chaos Descending.

Public Tradeskill Apprentices
Band together with your tradeskiller allies and help these new academics research all new recipes! Much like personal tradeskill apprentices, they can discover new unique recipes over time. Anyone can help speed things along by completing new missions for them, which will reduce the amount of time needed for the active research task. You'll also earn a special currency by helping the researchers along through their requisitions. Once the research is completed, the recipes can be bought from a nearby merchant with your earned currency. These researched recipes are server-wide unlocks instead of just individual rewards and can be repurchased at any time!

More Information After the Jump

Server Downtime: Wed, March 13th @ 3:00 AM PT


All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 3:00 AM PT* for an update. Downtime is expected to last approximately 8 hours.

Patch notes for this update will be found in the Game Update Notes section of the forums once they are available.

*Convert to your local time
March 13, 2019

*** Highlights ***

- Added tabs to chat windows. See the UI section for more details.
- Look to the Marketplace this month for the Gnomish Heritage Crate. Each crate contains a random item. Trade these Gnomish Heritage items to your friends or collect them all yourself!
- Added new emotes. See Miscellaneous for more information below.
- Updated the appearance of the Gloomingdeep Mines.
- This Saturday the 16th, keep an eye out for brand new progression servers and new content featuring: Gnome Memorial Mountain!

*** Items ***

- Corrected the spell description of Drogan Goblin Familiar.
- The evolving Efreeti Boots and White Satin Gloves will now accept Hero's Forge ornaments in their evolved state.
- Look to the Marketplace this month for the Gnomish Heritage Crate. Each crate contains a random item. Trade these Gnomish Heritage items to your friends or collect them all yourself!
- Corrected the cast proc on Bloodstaff to the higher damage Sympathetic Blaze of Fire VI. 
- Corrected both the proc and cast proc on Deep Cavern's Shard to the lesser Spike of Corruption VIII.
- As a temporary solution until the core issues with real estate items can be solved we've implemented the following functionality for real estate anchors:
- - Activating a Primary Anchor Transport Device or Secondary Anchor Transport Device without possessing the corresponding Anchor item will now give you a replacement Anchor.
- - Druids and wizards whose Guild Hall Anchor has gone missing will be granted a replacement when logging in.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Secret Dawn Mace Muhbis will now return Trillion Cut Elder Mist Diamond and Oval Cut Elder Mist Diamond on failure.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Celestial Fists (Monk Epic) - The spawn in Karnor's Castle that has a chance to be a drolvarg pawbuster no longer shares an encounter with a drolvarg warlord. The remaining spawns in the room have a higher chance of being a drolvarg warlord.
- Prince Ralaifin (Mission) - A Giant Lapillus Lava Spiderling no longer summons.
- Lost but Not Forgotten - Added an out of character message when speaking to Dismas Kaneriti that indicates that Lost but Not Forgotten is a two group mission.
- Death, Death, Death - This event will be available for four weeks a year now, up from two.
- Unfettered Emerald Excellence - Removed particle effects from Unbearable Heat and Magnificent Presence.
- Fight Fire - Fixed an issue that prevented the Leading a Charmed Life achievement from completing.
- Delivery - The Duende Female Mold is no longer lost upon zoning.
- Defending Knowledge - Fixed a problem that prevented the horn from appearing near Bjerg Sen the Tranquil. 

*** Spells ***

- Changed Whispering Midnight Casting Fire, Whispering Midnight Casting Magic, Blazing Euphoria Casting Fire, and Blazing Euphoria Casting Magic to only work with spells that do damage.
- Corrected the spell description for Hand of Holy Wrath VI.
- Corrected a rounding error that caused critical spells to deal one less point of damage/healing than intended.
- Percentage heal spells now display their name in healing messages.

*** AA ***

- Improved the rate that mercenary alternate advancement experience is gained.
- - The mercenary AA experience granted by completing Clayton Teek's daily bonus tasks has been extended to cover levels 106-110.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Updated the expansion unlock dates for The Broken Mirror and onward to reflect the normal extra time in The Darkened Sea for a level increase expansion.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- The water in Trials of Smoke is now also stocked with Primordial Lion Fish.
- Added the following new emotes: /airlute, /facepalm, /faint, /fight, /fistbump, /freakout, /growl, /maybe, /no, /pie, /pizza, /rps, /ttth, and /yes.
- Fixed a bug when looting items in a raid that would display the number of items remaining on the body rather than the number of items looted.
- Fixed an issue where the event calendar would report that events end 59 minutes later than their actual end time.
- Corrected an issue where melee attacks against slain targets would sometimes report as misses.
- Updated the appearance of the Gloomingdeep Mines.
- Updated various character models to better reflect lighting and detailing.

*** UI ***

- Corrected an issue where DoT damage on players would display the victim's name instead of the caster's name.
- Improved the layout of the Marketplace window.
- Direct damage spells caused by a twincast now have a flag at the end of the damage message instead of a separate twincast message. Twincasts of melee abilities are now indicated as twinstrikes.
- Added the option to blink the active chat window when you begin typing.
- Added tabs for chat. All existing chat windows will be put into new tabbed chat windows and will appear where they were placed before.
- - You can move tabs around in the existing windows, or send the tabs to other windows.
- - When using tell windows, by default all of the tells will go into a single tell window in separate tabs instead of opening a new window for each tell.

- Added - 

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Trials of Smoke - Fixed an issue that prevented looting of the sigils in the Trial of the Speaker's Amphitheater.
- Spear of Fate - Corrected an issue where Ooglyn would sometimes fail to initiate the Test of Patience.

- The EverQuest Team

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday March 5, 2019


  • Fixed an issue where accepting a enter zone confirmation, while grouped with a pet or mercenary, could cause the zone to crash.

Vegarlson: Upheaval [Raid]

  • Sergie the Blade should no longer run away like a cowardly dog when she respawns.

The Fabled Clefts of Rujark

  • A fancy steel key has the possibility of dropping from Captive Coin Trademasters, once again.


  • Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of Ro: Encounters should no longer break and prevent the Ancient Cyclops from being killed or otherwise prevent it from dropping treasure.

EverQuest II
The Chronoportal Phenomenon is Back!

For years we have been witness to mysterious portals across the Shattered Lands, which have allowed us to travel back in time to the Age of Turmoil. Norrathian's studies into these portals have furthered the knowledge of chronomancy, and led to many breakthroughs. The appearance of these portals is now recognized as being a part of the annual phase in which the barrier to the stream of the past is the thinnest. It is that time once again, and your help is needed!

Seek out the chronomancers in Myrist, the Coliseum of Valor, Antonica, The Commonlands, Enchanted Lands, Thundering Steppes, Steamfont Mountains, Lavastorm, Sinking Sands, Feerrott, or Moors of Ykesha. During this phase, they will be holding the portals to the Chronostream open. Step into the time between times, from where you’ll be able to venture to the Age of Turmoil and help investigate this wondrous magic. Your accomplishments will surely be rewarded.

The Chronoportals have already appeared in Norrath, but act quickly! They will only remain open through Sunday, March 31, 2019.

In returning to the past, history is bound to repeat itself... but this year, there's new content for you to discover, too!

New Fabled Zones:

  • New Fabled level 110 versions of the Portal to the Past zones are now available, and will include new treasures!
  • These new Fabled zones will also work for those who are looking to complete the returning Time Traveler Achievement, or the Hunt the Past Quest.

New Public Quest: 

  • You can find "Camping the AC!" located in the Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of Ro. Completing this quest will reward you with new rewards!

New Portals:

  • Entry portals to The Chronoweave appear to have opened up in The Commonlands, Myrist, and the Coliseum of Valor.

New Items:

  • Erben Delki, the Chronoportal merchant in The Chronoweave, is now selling the following 6 new items:
    • Heat Upon You
    • To the Tavern
    • The City of Hate
    • Islands of Sky
    • A Dire Warning
    • Golden Firiona Vie Statue
  • Plus, everyone who logs on during the event (between now and March 31, 2019) will receive the "Rise of Kunark" house painting!

TLE servers:

  • On the Fallen Gate server, the entire event will be active!


If all this talk of time travel has spun your head in circles, you can review an in-depth guide to the Chronoportal Phenomenon and its returning features over at ZAM

Will you step through the Chronoportals before they shut on March 31st?

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Thursday February 26, 2019

Chaos Descending Raids
  • Raid zones should now present a confirmation box when attempting to enter the zone.

  • Corrected an issue where only contested bosses would update weekly missions.