Grey Wizards (WAR Lore)  

Warhammer Online
Grey Wizards, or Shadowmancers, use the Wind Ulgu to power the Lore of Shadows. Ulgu is the Wind of Deception, of the unseen and unknown, and the hidden. The Lore of Shadows gives the abilities of invisibility, illusion, and unseen death.

With these powers, the Shadowmancers make up the greatest spy network in the Empire. So secret that not even the Emperor himself knows the full scope of their actions, Grey Wizards infiltrate those shadowy organizations that conspire to bring the Empire down from the inside. With their abilities as arcane spies and assassins, the Shadowmancers bring down these traitor organizations without anyone suspecting their presence.

The Lore of Shadow places less emphasis on destruction and more on tactical aspects such as free movement and causing fear. It also contains the powerful Pit of Shades spell.

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