Battleborn: New IP from Gearbox

Announced in a fancy trailer, described as an FPS-MOBA. You've got our attention!

Before we chime in with Battleborn details, let’s jump straight to the trailer:

"In Battleborn's distant future, the only hope for the last star in a dying universe is a new breed of warriors, who must put aside their differences to drive back an unstoppable menace. Choose from a myriad of powerful heroes and fight together alongside your friends in an intense co-operative campaign, or battle against them in fast-paced competitive multiplayer matches."

From the developers of Borderlands comes this beautiful, uniquely-themed IP. If there's one thing Gearbox knows how to do right, it's a First Person Shooter bursting with character. President of Gearbox Randy Pitchford had this to say:

"If Borderlands 2 is a shooter-looter, Battleborn is a hero-shooter. As a genre-fused, hobby-grade, co-operative and competitive FPS exploding with eye-popping style and an imaginative universe, Battleborn is the most ambitious video game that Gearbox has ever created."

Gameplay is still a bit of a mystery, but Tim Turi of GameInformer says that Battleborn "takes the minion smashing and fast leveling often associated with MOBAs and injects it into an intergalactic first-person battle arena." All descriptions of the game point to it as an FPS-MOBA hybrid, a very compelling mix we've yet to see.

We're still a long way off, with an expected release sometime in 2015 – coming April 2015 or later. That's all for now, but more details to follow in the coming month!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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