SOE Live 2014 Panel Schedule Posted

The panel lineup for SOE Live (sans player panels) has been released.

Coinciding with the final day to get your SOE Live All Access badge for $149 (you can get it here) is the release of this year's panel lineup. Since player panels have not been announced, they are not on the schedule yet, and what content will be livestreamed is still unknown. The full schedule is available here and notable panels are:

  • Welcome Ceremony: Thursday, August 14, 7-9pm PT
  • Closing Ceremony/Costume Contest: Saturday, August 16, 8-11pm PT
  • Brunch w/ the Dev Team: Sunday, August 17, 10am-Noon PT
    • Must have paid pass upgrade option to get in
  • EverQuest
    • Expansion Keynote: Friday, August 15, 1-2pm PT 
    • Q&A Part 1: Saturday, August 16, 11am-Noon PT
    • Q&A Part 2: Sunday, August 17, 2-3pm PT
  • EverQuest II
    • Expansion Keynote: Friday, August 15, Noon-1pm PT 
    • AMAA Part 1: Friday, August 15, 1-2pm PT
    • Systems: Saturday, August 16, 1-2pm PT
    • AMAA Part 2: Sunday, August 17, 1-2pm PT
  • EverQuest Next
    • Keynote: Friday, August 15, 10-11am PT
    • Tech Evolution: Friday, August 15, 4-5pm PT
    • Combat & Classes: Saturday, August 16, 11-Noon PT
    • Storybricks: Sunday, August 17, 2-3pm PT

Continue after the jump for Landmark, H1Z1 and miscellaneous panels of interest.

  • Landmark
    • Keynote: Friday, August 15, 9-10am PT 
    • Building Tool Plans: Friday, August 15, 2-3pm PT
    • Landmark & EQN's Connectivity: Friday, August 15, 6-7pm PT
    • The Islands of Landmark: Saturday, August 16, Noon-1pm PT
    • Combat: Saturday, August 16, 2-3pm PT
    • Q&A: Sunday, August 17, Noon-1pm PT
  • H1Z1
    • Design and Balance: Friday, August 15, 1-2pm PT
    • Keynote: Friday, August 15, 3-4pm PT 
    • The Future of H1Z1: Saturday, August 16, 3-4pm PT
    • Ask Us Anything: Saturday, August 16, 5-6pm PT
  • Miscellaneous
    • Player Studio Creators: Friday, August 15, 5-6pm PT
    • Geek Out w/ SOE Coders: Saturday, August 16, 10-11am PT
    • Player Studio 2014: Saturday, August 16, 2-3pm PT

Both Cyliena and LockSixTime will be at this year's SOE Live working to bring you details from the event. We hope to see some of you there as well! Remember to check out the official site for the full list of panels and their descriptions, and keep in mind that player panel information is still forthcoming, as well as everything being subject to change.

Attending and have a smartphone? EQ2 Wire will be updating their SOE Live webapp soon(tm)!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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