Neverwinter Raid Content and More!

State of the Game gives us insight to new content

After a series of server crashes, concurrent maintenance sessions, currency exploits, and all the other demons that come with a new MMO release, or in this case Open Beta, Neverwinter is offering its players a carrot at the end of the stick. 

In a recent “State of the Game,” written by Neverwinter’s Lead Producer, Andy Velasquez, we find a detailed overview of everything that’s been going on in the world of the developers

Anyone currently playing Neverwinter will be nothing short of excited to hear some of the things that the team has been forging for the world we adventure in.  Some of the mouth watering morsels include new companions, mounts, zones, mechanics, and Paragon Paths.  Companions and mounts don’t add too much to the content of the game, but seeing them release new ones so soon into the beta is very exciting, not to mention that this isn’t the first time they’ve added new mounts since the Open Beta started.

The Paragon Paths and zones however, should be huge additions to the game.  It is unclear if the zones are for max level players, or what kind of content they will contain, but new zones are always a good thing.  Paragon Paths are something much needed in Neverwinter as it stands, due to the fact that many players feel locked into a specific version of their class, all the while knowing that there will be other “specializations” coming soon.  Personally, I can find it very frustrating to learn a “spec” of a class, only to change it once more become available, so it is enlightening to see that these major features of the class system are on their way.

The article also explains, in a very vague way, that we will be getting a new class when this content patch is launched.  Velasquez specifically writes “I can’t share the details about the new class just yet, but as a hint, it’s going to be a “ranged” one.”  After equipping my speculation cap, I can’t help but feel certain we are going to get a “ranger” or “archer/hunter” archetype class.  There was very loud, clear, and specific demand for the class type after the Open Beta went live, when players realized that this classic character type was not available.  While that is pure speculation, one cannot help but feel that there’s no other direction they could go with a “ranged” class choice other than Ranger at this particular time. 

Finally, the big news, “Right now, we’re putting the final touches on some new end game content: Gauntlgrym. It will be our first raid-sized, competitive PvP/PvE experience, and our current goal is to release it to OBT within a few weeks.” 

There has been talk around the web that the PvP aspect of this will be a 20v20 battleground, but this has yet to be confirmed by the developers.  One curious aspect of this quote is the insinuation that the Gauntlgrym PvE will be competitive in some way.  Technically, it could be referring to things like leader boards that keep track of how many bosses are down, or how fast the instance is cleared, however, it is fun to consider some actual competitive PvE content, where players compete to achieve PvE style goals.  That’s enough guessing for me though, so throw own your thinking caps and take to the forums with curiosity, and consider what might be coming to your neighborhood Neverwinter MMO. 

Tyler "TovarishGaming" Solley


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