Tuesday March 9, 2004

Khiera Silverthorne, FOTV, and Rulak Norcross thank you for your submissions for today's update! =o) Before I sign off on this update I just want to take a moment to direct your attention to something you may have missed if you do not check our Recent News section regularly. Kwip over at Neenerneener.net is sponsoring a team for the MS Walk on April 28th. His motto for this years walk is "Gamers for a Cure." It is Kwip's hope that the MMORPG community can help him and his team out by backing them with donations for this event. To learn more about about the MS Walk, Kwip's story, and how to donate then check out this link, to learn more about MS (Multiple Sclerosis) then visit this site. New Albion Items: Ensorcelled Robes of CelerityDuskwood Cinder (Alb)Black LasherWhirling Cymric Leather Sleeves (u)Sturdy Cymric Leather Sleeves (u)Spiritbender Mantle (Alb) (u)Fortifying Chain Boots (Alb) (u)Energybender Belt (Alb) (u)Adroit Mantle (Alb) (u)Luminous Adrout Chain Sleeves (Alb) (u)Luminous Whirling Short Sword (Alb) (u)Speedy Cymric Leather Gloves (u)Lifetaker Dirk (Alb) (u)Speedy Flute (Alb) (u)Shadowwalker Long Sword (Alb) (u)Perforator Bracer (Alb) (u)Icebender Broadsword (Alb) (u)Luminous Honed Lamellar Boots (u)Luminous Heatbender Broadsword (Alb) (u)
New Midgard Items: Arcanium Magma Infused Great Hammer (Mid)Soulbinder Padded Boots (u)Shadowbender Padded Cap (u)Matterbender Padded Vest (u)Icy Sapphire Jewel (Mid)Arcanium Smoldering Cinder Sleeves (Mid)Arcanium Gloves of the Rebirth (Mid)Guard of Valor (Mid) (chain)
New Hibernia Items: Mother's Safety (Hib)
New All Items: Lava Etched Belt (dex/cha)

Updated Albion Items: Alloy Barbed WhipBronze Barbed WhipFine Alloy Barbed WhipIron Barbed WhipMithril Barbed WhipSteel Barbed WhipAlloy Tipped WhipBronze Tipped WhipFine Alloy Tipped WhipIron Tipped WhipMithril Tipped WhipSteel Tipped WhipAlloy Blade Tipped WhipBronze Blade Tipped WhipFine Alloy Blade Tipped WhipIron Blade Tipped WhipMithril Blade Tipped WhipSteel Blade Tipped WhipFine Alloy Barbed ChainIron Barbed ChainSteel Barbed ChainMithril Barbed ChainBronze Barbed ChainAlloy Barbed ChainAlloy FlailBronze FlailFine Alloy FlailIron FlailMithril FlailSteel FlailSteel War ChainAlloy War ChainBronze War ChainFine Alloy War ChainIron War ChainMithril War ChainMithril Morning StarSteel Morning StarFine Alloy Morning StarIron Morning StarBronze Morning StarAlloy Morning StarBronze ChainAlloy ChainFine Alloy ChainIron ChainMithril ChainSteel ChainIron Bastard Sword (Alb)Steel Bastard SwordAlloy Bastard SwordBronze Bastard SwordFine Alloy Bastard SwordIron LongswordSteel LongswordAlloy LongswordBronze LongswordFine Alloy LongswordAlloy ScimitarBronze ScimitarFine Alloy ScimitarIron ScimitarSteel ScimitarAlloy BroadswordBronze BroadswordFine Alloy BroadswordIron BroadswordSteel BroadswordAlloy Hand AxeBronze Hand AxeFine Alloy Hand AxeIron Hand AxeSteel Hand AxeAlloy Short SwordBronze Short SwordFine Alloy Short SwordIron Short SwordSteel Short SwordBuckler RingPolished Granite Staff of BodyDuskwood Pyroclasmic Magus Staff (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Bronze Weighted Throwing KnivesBronze Weighted Throwing AxesBronze Weighted Throwing HammersIron Weighted Throwing KnivesIron Weighted Throwing AxesIron Weighted Throwing HammersAlloy Weighted Throwing AxesAlloy Weighted Throwing HammersAlloy Weighted Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing AxesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing KnivesSteel Weighted Throwing AxesSteel Weighted Throwing HammersSteel Weighted Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing HammerIron Balanced Throwing KnivesIron Balanced Throwing AxesIron Balanced Throwing HammersSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing AxesSteel Balanced Throwing HammersBronze Balanced Throwing KnivesBronze Balanced Throwing AxesBronze Balanced Throwing HammersAlloy Balanced Throwing AxesAlloy Balanced Throwing HammersAlloy Balanced Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing AxesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing HammersSteel Pansarkedja HauberkSteel Pansarkedja LeggingsSteel Pansarkedja SleevesSteel Pansarkedja HelmIron Pansarkedja HaurberkIron Pansarkedja LeggingsIron Pansarkedja SleevesIron Pansarkedja BootsIron Pansarkedja GlovesIron Pansarkedja HelmSteel Pansarkedja BootsSteel Pansarkedja GlovesFine Alloy Pansarkedja LeggingsFine Alloy Pansarkedja SleevesFine Alloy Pansarkedja HauberkFine Alloy Pansarkedja HelmBronze Pansarkedja SleevesFine Alloy Pansarkedja BootsFine Alloy Pansarkedja GlovesBronze Pansarkedja HauberkBronze Pansarkedja LeggingsBronze Pansarkedja HelmBronze Pansarkedja BootsBronze Pansarkedja GlovesAlloy Pansarkedja SleevesAlloy Pansarkedja LeggingsAlloy Pansarkedja HauberkAlloy Pansarkedja BootsAlloy Pansarkedja GlovesAlloy Pansarkedja HelmArcanium Legs of the Enlightened SerpentDesert Sunset SleevesDragon-shadow Sleeves
Updated Hibernia Items: Bone Tacuil BootsBone Tacuil GauntletsBone Tacuil HelmBone Tacuil LeggingsBone Tacuil SleevesBone Tacuil VestFossil Tacuil BootsFossil Tacuil GauntletsFossil Tacuil HelmFossil Tacuil LeggingsFossil Tacuil SleevesFossil Tacuil VestShell Tacuil BootsShell Tacuil GauntletsShell Tacuil HelmShell Tacuil LeggingsShell Tacuil SleevesShell Tacuil VestTacuil BootsTacuil GauntletsTacuil HelmTacuil LeggingsTacuil SleevesTacuil VestVine Tacuil BootsVine Tacuil GauntletsVine Tacuil HelmVine Tacuil LeggingsVine Tacuil SleevesVine Tacuil VestGreat SwordFerrite Great SwordQuartz Great SwordDolomite Great SwordCarbide Great SwordGreat HammerFerrite Great HammerQuartz Great HammerDolomite Great HammerCobalt Great HammerTwo-handed Spiked MaceFerrite Two-handed Spiked MaceQuartz Two-handed Spiked MaceDolomite Two-handed Spiked MaceCobalt Two-handed Spiked MaceBig ShillelaghFerrite Big ShillelaghQuartz Big ShillelaghDolomite Big ShillelaghCobalt Big ShillelaghTwo-Handed SwordFerrite Two-Handed SwordQuartz Two-Handed SwordDolomite Two-Handed SwordCobalt Two-Handed SwordDuskwood Cinder (Hib)Arcanite Mace of Blood
Updated All Items: Luminescent Exerpise StoneBracer of SnowZahur's BracerRing of MoiraiHardened Cetus SkinSun Diamond

Updated Albion Quests: Bloody Cyclops Eye -- Kill TaskEvening the Odds
Updated Midgard Quests: The Legend of Fenrir's Folly
Updated Cross-Realm Quests: Telgar's Redemption

Updated Zones: MesothalassaOceanus HesperosTyphon's ReachOceanus NotosOceanus BorealAshen IsleGreen GladesStygian DeltaLand of AtumArbor GlenOceanus Anatole


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