Monday February 23, 2004

Here is the Monday update with much thank's to: Kimkasper, Staghorn, Hargraves, Zathan, and Sebastian for sending in new and updated item information this past weekend! New Albion Items: Wind Hardened Leggings (Alb) (cleric)Sand Scorched Helm (Alb) (cleric)Ancient Holy HauberkSilksteel Snakeskin Robe (Alb)
New Midgard Items: Arcanium Mephitic FangArcanium Mystic Cyclops-bone Helm (Mid)Lustrous Sturdy Svarkakedja Helm (u)Lustrous Speedy Svarkedja Sleeves (u)Lustrous Swathe Cutter's War Circlet (Mid) (u)Swathe Cutter's Mantle (Mid) (u)Swathe Cutter's Belt (Mid) (u)Lustrous Speedy Kite Shield (Mid) (u)Protector's Ring (Mid) (u)Protector's Cloak (Mid) (u)Protector's Belt (Mid) (u)Mighty Pendant (Mid) (u)Lustrous Heatbender Kite Shield (Mid) (u)Demolishing Wrap (Mid) (u)Demolishing Cloak (Mid) (u)Lustrous Matterbender Svarkedja Leggings (u)Lustrous Fortifying Svarkedja Gloves (u)Lustrous Bluntbender Svarkedja Leggings (u)Lustrous Bladeblocker Svarkedja Boots (u)
New Hibernia Items: Earth-covered Tunneler's BootsThuxra's Twiggy SpearCrystalized Shraogh's Tooth-studded BootsLeafy-Moss Hauberk (Hib)Ring of the Seventh Solstice (Hib) (regrowth)Guard of Valor (Hib) (vw)
New All Items: Moirai's LocketTempered Petrified JerkinFadrin's Belt of Havoc

Updated Albion Items: Barnacle Encrusted Boots (Alb) (cleric)Water-worn Gauntlets (cleric)Warlord's Golden War MaceDuskwood Bow of Apollo (Alb)Arcanium Skyros ForkArcanium Lightning Embossed Studded HelmArcanium Magma Infused Defender (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Duskwood Falcon's Talon (Mid)Leafy-Moss Hauberk (Mid)Duskwood Storm Struck BowDuskwood Flamespark Bearded BowDesert Sunset SleevesArcanium Salamander Tail (Mid)Arcanium Vest of Reveries (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Items: Sword of NuadaArcanite Embedded Bone VestArcanite Sword of DemiseArcanite Linked Vest of BlindnessWar Blade of the StoicIxthiar Rejuvenating StoneArcanite Sword of the Whispering WindArcanite Gusting Great Leaf ShieldSilksteel Petrified Robe (Hib)Rock-studded SleevesDuskwood Falcon's Talon (Hib)Arcanite Boots of the RebirthArcanite Helm of the Rebirth
Updated All Items: Calabar BeanCarrion Drake SalivaDeadly NightshadeAdder VenomCommon MonkshoodSea Snake VenomCrushed Plague Rat FleasHemlockEuropean Spider VenomYew LeavesCoral Snake VenomHenbaneNarcissusRat SalivaDistilled Anemone VenomAutumn CrocusCaster Oil PlantBlack Widow VenomPeonyPoppy SeedBat SalivaLatrodectus Spider VenomOleanderButtercupDistilled Wasp VenomCherry LaurelPotato ExtractDistilled Soricidae VenomCrushed MaggotsFoxglovePoison IvyDistilled Honey Bee VenomBlood AlbumenHevea Tree ExtractBone Salve ExtractRotted Flaxseed ExtractThin Glass VialThin Metal VialCrystal VialCeramic VialPacket of Crushed GlassFlask of WaterEnchanted Black DustPurple Wode ExtractCrushed Sea SlugsCrushed KermesPrepared Devil's BitBoiled Bog MireCrushed MurexSpindleFermented Wode Leaf ExtractBlack Thorn RootElder BerriesLichensElder BarkDeadly NihtscadaCrotal LichenAged Fermented Wode ExtractWeld and NettlesYellow Iris RootsDanesweedSt. John's WortFermented Wode LeavesBoiled HeathDiluted Fermented Wode LeavesSorrel RootFermented Devil's BitCrumpled Bracken BudsSassafras ExtractCrushed Walnut HullsCrushed WeldCrushed Sassafras LeavesCrushed Juniper BerriesCrushed Marigold BlossomDiluted Sassafras Leaf ExtractMeadowsweetGround TeaGround GrassGround Red CabbageGround Dandelion RootCloisonneTartaric AcidAlumThin Metal FlaskGlass FlaskCrystal FlaskCeramic FlaskSpellcraft KitMystic EnergyGiant BloodSoot From NiflheimBloodied Battlefield DirtEssence of LifeGround Draconic ScalesGround Giant BoneGround Vendo BoneFrost from a WastelandUndead Ash and Holy WaterHeat from an Unearthly PyreLeviathan BloodAir Elemental EssenceSwamp FogTreant BloodDraconic FireSun LightLo GemUm GemOn GemEe GemPal GemMon GemRos GemZo GemKath GemRa GemDuskwood Staff of the Whispering WindNaxos Abalone BracerHardened Cetus SkinNecklace of the CloudsMau Totem of the WarriorFlowing Antalya ShawlBelt of OglidarshTempered Ember Tainted Sleeves

Updated Albion Quests: Arc of Ages
Updated Hibernia Quests: Youth Gone WrongKyrilean's New ArmorMild DeceptionTroya's ResearchConnla's FeverTadhg's Lost TreasureSlevin's PowderMisdelivered LetterTrack and Seek
Updated Midgard Quests: The Red Dagger (level 25)
Updated Cross-Realm Quests: Seed PouchWicoessa's PropositionJashan's BrotherSeven CoinsOglidarsh's Belt

Updated Zones: Celestius


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