Traversing Telara 18: Gutter and Quarrystone Basin

Anmar seeks the Talon of Maelforge, but the goblin chieftain Gutter stands in his way.

Traversing Telara is an exclusive series of articles from Trion Worlds that explores Rift's lore and gameplay mechanics through the eyes of one intrepid adventurer. It's a great read and a fantastic introduction to the world of Telara. Even if you're a veteran of Rift, you might enjoy hearing about the game from another perspective! Read on for Traversing Telara #18: Gutter and Quarrytstone Basin!

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Anmar is finishing up the goblin quests north of Quicksilver College this week. His last quest to hopefully rid the area of the filthy creatures is to steal the Talon of Maelforge from the goblin chieftain called Gutter. Jerome Drift thinks this talon is channeling the power of the dragon god, and Gutter is using this to rally his hordes of goblins. To do this, Anmar has to sneak into a cave in the middle of a goblin encampment; not an easy task, since there are quite a few of the creatures around. Not only that, but there are Fire Rift creatures as well, so it’s usually two of them, or more, if you’re unlucky, against you.

But Anmar manages to get inside the cave and confront Gutter. He’s a hard one to kill. He’s a magic user, and he frequently casts confusion spells on you, making you wander off in a daze while he continues to pummel you with magic missiles. But I finally manage to kill him and return to Jerome Drift with the college. It seems I’ve finally broken the goblin presence. “With Gutter defeated and the Talon of Maelforge recovered,” says Jerome, “the goblins will retreat to Gloamwood. We'll send the Talon to Sanctum, to be ensconced in blessed crystal. Maelforge's power is lessened by your hand, Anmar, and the Vigil will remember this deed.”


There’s still some more to do in this area, as the goblins are allying with the fey creatures, but that is for next week.

A few articles ago I started speaking about the gods of the Vigil and what they represent. This week I’ll carry on where I left off.


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