Friday January 2, 2004

First update of 2004 is here! Much thanks goes out to Staghorn Moonlance, Hafwen, Dark Auspices, Beng, raghalin, and Cerrab for sending in new and updated item and quest information over the New Years break! There were also quite a few submissions for artifact scrolls and mob images sent in as well this week, these will be posted early next week once I get them sorted out, and photoshopped in some cases. With that said, y'all have a fantastic weekend and I'll see ya on Monday evening with another update! =o) New Midgard Items: Arcanium Golden Shield (Mid)Desert Night GlovesDuskwood Storm Struck BowArcanium War Axe of the ChasmVarulbane Spear
New Hibernia Items: Arcanite Soot Tainted BootsDuskwood Salamander Skin Drum (Hib)Duskwood Wind-Dancer Lute (Hib)Lion's Mane SleevesRing of the Seventh SpanArcanite Shadow-tainted HauberkArcanite Hermes Golden ShieldDuskwood Bow of Silent Oblivion (Hib)Naxos Curled Coral Staff
New All Items: Statuesque Girdle of MightMelos Knotted Pearl NecklaceMelos Braided Pearl NecklaceMelos Pearl-edged CloakNaxos Oyster Shell NecklaceCape of the GaleBelt of MoiraiRing of Silent OblivionBracelet of Silent OblivionNaxos Starfish Cloak

New Cross-Realm Quests: Stolen HistoryThe Secrets of Naxos

Updated Albion Items: Duskwood Bow of Silent Oblivion (Alb)Naxos Bent Coral StaffBloodstained War HammerFate's GavelSekhmet's Promise LeggingsDesert Wanderer's LegsSekhmet's Blessing CrownEllyll Hammer
Updated Midgard Items: Carved Totem of EirCarved Totem of HeimdalCarved Totem of OdinEncrusted Totem of HeimdalEmbossed Totem of OdinEncrusted Totem of EirEmbossed Totem of EirEmbossed Totem of HeimdalEncrusted Totem of OdinPolished Totem of EirPolished Totem of HeimdalPolished Totem of OdinMithril Balanced Throwing KnivesMithril Weighted Throwing KnivesMithril Balanced Throwing AxesMithril Weighted Throwing AxesMithril Balanced Throwing HammersMithril Weighted Throwing HammersAdamantium Balanced Throwing KnivesAdamantium Weighted Throwing KnivesAdamantium Balanced Throwing AxesAdamantium Weighted Throwing AxesAdamantium Balanced Throwing HammersAdamantium Weighted Throwing HammersAsterite Balanced Throwing KnivesAsterite Weighted Throwing KnivesAsterite Balanced Throwing AxesAsterite Weighted Throwing AxesAsterite Balanced Throwing HammersAsterite Weighted Throwing HammersBronze Balanced Throwing KnivesBronze Weighted Throwing KnivesBronze Balanced Throwing AxesBronze Weighted Throwing AxesBronze Balanced Throwing HammersBronze Weighted Throwing HammersIron Balanced Throwing KnivesIron Weighted Throwing KnivesIron Balanced Throwing AxesIron Weighted Throwing AxesIron Balanced Throwing HammersIron Weighted Throwing HammersSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesAlloy Balanced Throwing AxesAlloy Balanced Throwing HammersAlloy Balanced Throwing KnivesAlloy Weighted Throwing AxesAlloy Weighted Throwing HammersAlloy Weighted Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing AxesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing HammersFine Alloy Balanced Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing AxesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing AxesSteel Balanced Throwing HammersSteel Weighted Throwing AxesSteel Weighted Throwing HammersSteel Weighted Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing HammerVarulbane ClawsLion's Pride LeggingsRoar of the Lion Leggings
Updated Hibernia Items: Arcanite Laodameia's ScytheSilvered GauntletsBedizened Bracer of StrifeLion Fur Trimmed LegsLion's Paws Leggings
Updated All Items: Serous Constant Underwater Breathing AidCoral Snake VenomHenbaneNarcissusRat SalivaDistilled Anemone VenomAutumn CrocusCaster Oil PlantBlack Widow VenomPeonyPoppy SeedBat SalivaLatrodectus Spider VenomOleanderButtercupDistilled Wasp VenomCherry LaurelPotato ExtractDistilled Soricidae VenomCrushed MaggotsFoxglovePoison IvyDistilled Honey Bee VenomBlood AlbumenHevea Tree ExtractBone Salve ExtractRotted Flaxseed ExtractThin Glass VialThin Metal VialCeramic VialCrystal VialPacket of Crushed GlassFlask of WaterEnchanted Black DustPurple Wode ExtractCrushed Sea SlugsCrushed KermesPrepared Devil's BitBoiled Bog MireCrushed MurexSpindleFermented Wode Leaf ExtractBlack Thorn RootElder BerriesLichensElder BarkDeadly NihtscadaCrotal LichenCalabar BeanCarrion Drake SalivaDeadly NightshadeAdder VenomCommon MonkshoodSea Snake VenomCrushed Plague Rat FleasHemlockEuropean Spider VenomYew LeavesAged Fermented Wode ExtractWeld and NettlesYellow Iris RootsDanesweedSt. John's WortFermented Wode LeavesBoiled HeathDiluted Fermented Wode LeavesSorrel RootFermented Devil's BitCrumpled Bracken BudsSassafras ExtractCrushed Walnut HullsCrushed WeldCrushed Sassafras LeavesCrushed Juniper BerriesCrushed Marigold BlossomMeadowsweetDiluted Sassafras Leaf ExtractGround TeaGround GrassGround Red CabbageGround Dandelion RootCloisonneTartaric AcidAlumThin Metal FlaskCeramic FlaskCrystal FlaskGlass FlaskSpellcraft KitMystic EnergyGiant BloodSoot From NiflheimBloodied Battlefield DirtEssence of LifeGround Draconic ScalesGround Giant BoneGround Vendo BoneFrost from a WastelandUndead Ash and Holy WaterHeat from an Unearthly PyreLeviathan BloodAir Elemental EssenceSwamp FogTreant BloodDraconic FireSun LightLo GemUm GemOn GemEe GemPal GemMon GemRos GemZo GemKath GemRa GemRough Blunt ArrowsRough Flight Blunt ArrowsRough Bodkin ArrowsRough Flight Bodkin ArrowsRough Clout Broadhead ArrowsClout Blunt ArrowsBlunt ArrowsFlight Blunt ArrowsBodkin ArrowsFlight Bodkin ArrowsClout Broadhead ArrowsBroadhead ArrowsFlight Broadhead ArrowsFooted Clout Blunt ArrowsFooted Blunt ArrowsFooted Flight Blunt ArrowsFooted Clout Bodkin ArrowsFooted Bodkin ArrowsFooted Flight Bodkin ArrowsFooted Clout Broadhead ArrowsFooted Broadhead ArrowsKeen Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsBlunt Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsBarbed Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsGolden Scarab VestPreserved Crocodile EyeNaxos Cockle ShellNaxos Abalone BracerLions Paw CircletSekhmet's Call Crown

Updated Albion Quests: Lord of Deceit (level 43)Heart of AlbionFailing Magic
Updated Midgard Quests: Protecting the HealerWerewolf BaneMammoth Hunt
Updated Cross-Realm Quests: WishesSeven CoinsBroken HistorySetian PlansThe Wandering OnesNaxos SocietySekhmet's Messenger

Updated Classes: Valewalker


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