Offline Skilling Coming to Darkfall

The feature will cut down on tedious repetitive tasks in the game.

Darkfall Developer Tasos Flambouras confirmed in his newest activity report that the team will be adding offline skilling to the game as early as the next patch, which is scheduled to launch in a couple weeks. Here are the details:

"The purpose of offline skilling is curbing macroing, giving newer players a better chance to close the gap, and to cut down on some of the tedious repetitive tasks that exist in the game."

The rest of the post vaguely discusses the next expansion, which Tasos previously stated can be considered a relaunch of Darkfall. For example, Tasos said in his newest report that "more specialized tools are being produced for use in the next expansion, since it involves a massive task as far as world building goes." We'll just have to wait and see what that truly means for Darkfall players.


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