The Final Day of ZAM's E3 2010 Awards

Today, we acknowledge the best of the best, from Best in Show to the best in each of the MMO categories of Real Life, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Read on the the mega-list!

Best Family Game

Winner: LEGO Universe

When we first started discussing this award, we called this the Best Babysitter, because LEGO Universe is designed for the kids. But because the depth and replayability will appeal to the adults (and their fond memories of playing LEGOs as a kid), we figured Best Family Game was more appropriate, especially since the developers are working hard to make this a game where parents who play games can introduce their kids to an MMO where they have no concern over questionable content.

The game is designed where players can only play good, and the AI is evil. And what's a LEGO game without having the ability to build your own play area where others can visit? LEGO Universe has it all at the moment, and we can only hope the game is as good when it is released as it showed at E3.

Runner-Up: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

The Marvel franchise and superheroes comic in general can be a bit violent, but the developers at Amazing Society and publisher Gazillion are pushing hard to make this a family friendly game that is E for Everyone. No headshots, no death scenes and superheroes that aren't the least bit threatening. No dark brooding heroes here, only lighthearted super powered entertainment. The game is designed to be fun for the mighty tykes trying their first MMO, but still should appeal to the adults looking to satisfy their inner comic book geek.

Best E3 Party: Nexon

You ask people around the industry where the business gets done at E3, and while many will say "the show floor" or "private meetings," we'd wager that a majority would agree that parties are where the best connections and biggest business gets done. And the winner of the year's "Best Party" award goes to Nexon, whose enormous pantheon of Spirit Hood toting models and incredible DJ gave E3 goers an excellent place to not only cut loose, but also meet the over 750 industry professionals who were in attendance.

Money well spent, Nexon, money well spent.

Best E3 Booth: Trion World

The way our Mike B. (aka Fony) described it: "Think Avatar forest with the Command & Conquer control center right behind it. The thing was towering." Trion was showing off Rift: Planes of Telara, a fantasy world MMORPG, and End of Nations, a futuristic MMORTS, so melding the two seemed to offer a considerable challenge. Apparently, it was all in a days work for Trion, as they pulled it off incredibly well, offering an oasis amidst the din of E3 for anyone lucky enough to venture in.

Coming Tomorrow: Best Fantasy Game, Best Sci-Fi Game, Best Real Life Game, Best of Show.

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