Atlantica Online Dev Journal: The Exorcist

The Atlantica Online developers are back with a new dev journal focused on the sword-wielding Exorcist.

The Atlantica Online developers continue their weekly dev journals with ZAM readers, and this time they're presenting all of the information players need to recruit the sword-wielding Exorcist. Their newest journal takes a close look at the mercenary's spells and explains why the Exorcist is so versatile in PvP.

Keep reading after the jump to find out more about the Exorcist straight from the developers!

This week we introduce our next featured C-Grade mercenary, the Exorcist. 

Players will begin their quest to recruit this sword-wielding mercenary by speaking with Iris inside the Devil’s Forest. Players who are level 57 or higher will have the opportunity to begin their trek in recruiting this versatile mercenary.

Players looking to have a useful mercenary for a PvP build will look to the spells of the Exorcist. His Mana Seal is an effective spell against magic users, blocking them from casting spells for a couple of turns. Seal Staff, on the other hand, is useful in dampening the attack power of monsters who utilize staff attacks. The Mana Burn ability can be used in conjunction with the Witch's Mana Drain to effectively drain the Mana from a row of enemies – particularly if that row is made of melee mercenaries, who don't have much Mana to begin with. Speed Cast is a great buff for a formation built up of magic type allies. This ability will increase the Action Power of a magic user, helping them gain their attack turn quicker, which gives them an opportunity to cast faster and more frequently.

Although the Exorcist can be very versatile in PvP, he serves a small role in PvE. He is a sword-wielding mercenary who is able to utilize the skill bonus from using a sword to boost his magic ability, but as far as a melee powerhouse, he is not.

To read more about the Exorcist, click here. Tune in next week when we feature the Princess.


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