Atlantica Online: Open Beta Imminent

The open beta phase of Atlantica Online starts in a few hours and we couldn't be more excited here at Allakhazam. During the beta NDOORS will be running a contest and giving away more than $30,000 in cash and other prizes depending on the level of participation. More information to come on that later, for now, prepare for open beta!

The Atlantica Online open beta commences Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 6 p.m. Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT) . We can't wait to see you all in the Atlantica world.

For people who took part in the closed beta, you must first ready your computer by removing all previous Atlantica program files on your hard drive, prior to downloading and installing the updated client. Click here for more on these details.

Once you begin playing in the open beta, you will have to start anew your quest for the fabled lost civilization of Atlantis and your plans for global domination via your guilds. There was a wipe at the conclusion of closed beta - except for the benefits promised earlier to closed beta participants. You can see those benefits in detail in a previous announcement by clicking here

But once you renew your travels in Atlantica, you can continue unabated, without fear of having to start all over again, because there will be no wipe after open beta. You will be able to continue on in your adventures right where you left off when Atlantica officially launches.

New players just need to download the updated client from one of our sources (which are listed here ) to start making your own mark in the Atlantica world.

And during open beta. there will be more to enjoy than just the action and thrills Atlantica has to offer. More than $30,000 in cash and prizes will be handed out to players who participate in the Free Leagues. Find out more about these opportunities here .

So let the journey begin. The road to action and glory begins with the first step - downloading the new client!


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