Myth War II Centaur Attribute Modification Tips

The folks over at IGG's Myth War II (now in closed beta!) have sent us some tips on how to get your Centaur from rookie to hero in record time. These techniques will modify the centaur's attribute stats. Sounds illegal, doesn't it? I'd think so too, if it weren't sent directly from IGG.

Skills Overview:

Multishot: AOE. Continually attacks several targets. The higher the skill level is, the more powerful the attack is.

Heal: Restores the target's HP. The more expertly players use it, the more HP it can restore.

Speed: Quickens up the target's casting speed in the battle. The more expertly players use it, the more bouts it can help.

Purge Stun: Frees the target from the landification state. The more expertly players use it, the higher the success rate. (Special for Female Centaur)

Purge Chaos: Frees the target from the Chaos state. The more expertly players use it, the higher the success rate. (Special for Male Centaur)

Centaurs' skills, including attack skills and healing skills, are complicated. The SP is the highest among all of the attribute stats. Just as Bowmen, Centaurs should pay attention to way to enhance their SP. However, it is important to enhance some HP as well. In MythWar II, even a Bowman can heal players. That is why Centaurs should increase their MP. How can Centaurs modify their attribute stats?

Read on for modification secrets...

Attributes Modifier Secrets:

1. AGI Centaur: Mainly increases the SP. When the character's SP is more than 1,000, the character can strike first in the battle. And then it can cure and revive others. It is useless if you can't revive the target before it would like to strike. Apart from that, Centaurs have great attack skills which are useful to level up or help friends in the battle.

2. INT Centaur: Mainly increases the intelligence which can help increase the MP as well. It makes sure that you have enough MP to use your skills.

3. STR Centaur: All Centaur characters have low requirements for their STR attribute stats. Just make sure your character has enough STR to wear its gear.

4. STA Centaur: It is a unique strategy to power your character's STA stats. Even if your character has a low AGI, if your HP is sky high, there is no possibility that someone will kill your character on their first move. This means you will win back the chance to beat out your opponents.

Centaurs have high SP and low HP. They are easily killed in the battle. However, they can be a nightmare; if they can expertly use their advantages. They are the natural enemy of Humans.


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