RoM: Housing System, Screenies, and a New Trailer

The folks over at Runes of Magic have sent us some information on a feature planned for their upcoming MMO: housing! Details on the housing system are below. Keep reading after the break for some screenshots and a new trailer. If you haven't signed up for the beta yet, go sign up at .

Berlin, 2008/08/28: The biggest mob laid successfully, the last spell casted and exhausted from a difficult raid in the world of Runes of Magic . Blood and dents in the armour testify to long and extensive online adventures. Only a few MMO games offer players the chance to withdraw to their own home with the game character to recharge their batteries for upcoming tasks. In Runes of Magic players immediately have their own house from the first level onwards, which they can set up and furnish at their personal liking. A new trailer gives a first impression of the possibilities.

A pretentious bed? Or rather a cozy wooden table? In the item shop of Runes of Magic, players have more than 130 items at their disposal. In comprehensive treasure chests with 20 slots they can also store important items. Who wants to flaunt his best equipment can put it on a mannequin. Dual class players prepare an armour set for their second class like that. With one click they are able to exchange the entire set against their current equipment and head out to the next quest with their second class. A second login for their own dwelling may even be given to other players, to get the own equipment admired or to plan the next group quest together.

If fantasy heroes want to follow their crafting profession away from the city's hustle, they can simply start working on their domestic anvil - the necessary working utensils provided. Armour parts and captured trophies can also be used to decorate the walls. Moreover, shields can be combined with a sword for even more personal touch for example. Interactive elements such as candles or fireplaces that home owners can ignite with a mouse click augment to an atmospheric place.

Developer Runewaker has already planned extensions such as new rooms, side rooms or attics for the future. Even guild housing is already an issue and grounded firmly in the development process for the launch version of Runes of Magic. Such expansions will be part of larger add-ons that are supposed to enrich Taborea, the game world of Runes of Magic, all three to four months.


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