Myth War II Kung Fu Panda Event

Love the animated comedy starring Jack Black as a fuzzy panda? Well so do the people over at Myth War II , and so they are holding a Kung Fu Panda event! Go check it out, before it's over!


Po is a genuine kung fu fanatic. He learned kung fu from the red panda Master Sifu and the tortoise Master Oogway. In the end he defeated the evil snow leopard warrior Tai Lung who had escaped from prison and returned to threaten the Valley of Peace and become the true Dragon Warrior. It seems now that people in the Valley of Peace can live happily forever.

But the evil forces will forever return to threaten our peace. They are now heading to the Rarus Continent and intend to wreak havoc there. Po and his two masters will come to help people living in the Rarus Continent and offer rewards to any participating players.

Event Duration: From 4:00 am July 19th to 12:00 midnight July 31st

Participating Players: Players level 30 and above

For more details please visit the official Myth War II site .


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