Wonderland Online: Mysterious Skills Revealed

Wonderland Online is giving us a peek into their skill system!
There are four character attributes including Water, Fire, Wind and Earth in Wonderland Online. These attributes restrain each other. Each attribute contains special skills. In addition, mysterious skills are contained in Water, Earth and Wind. Players can learn these powerful skills once they win the required points for these skills. Today, we will introduce these mysterious skills for players.

Earth Attribute:
Sort: Magic
Skill Name: Acrolith Attack
Required Points: INT116 WIS9
Function: Summon Aerolite to attack the target

Read on for the entire list!

Sort: Magic
Skill Name: Summon Mosquito
Required Points: WIS 59, CON 40, STR 1, INT 58, AGI 30
Function: Summon mosquitoes to attack the target

Wind Attribute:
Sort: Melee
Skill Name: Shadow Attack
Required Points: AGI 85
Function: Attacks the target from the back.

Sort: Melee
Skill Name: After Image Attack
Required Points: AGI 103, STR 50
Function: Moves to make an after image and attacks the target.

Sort: Melee
Skill Name: Storm Attack
Required Points: AGI 124, STR 65
Function: Attacks the target with a wind weapon.

Water Attribute:
Sort: Assistant
Skill Name: Sleep
Required Points: WIS 47, INT 2
Function: Puts the target to sleep for 2 rounds.

Sort: Assistant
Skill Name: Revival
Required Points: WIS 53, INT 1
Function: Revives one target dead player.

Sort: Assistant
Skill Name: Recover Normal
Required Points: WIS 58, INT 3
Function: Eliminates abnormal states.


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