April 25, 2008

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Featured New and Updated Wiki Articles:  Avatar ; Butcherblock Mountains Quest SeriesCategory:Game Tag Templates ; Category:Paladin (EQ2_Subclass) ; Category:Shadowknight (EQ2_Subclass) ; Consignment System ; EQ2 Template Users Guide ; Guild ; Troubador Epic Weapon Quest Series

New Items: Exalted Skullcap of Battle

Updated Items: carbonite broadhead arrowSwift Slicergleaming emerald arrowviscid globumbral darknessSteel Arrowshade shurikenmakeshift ferrite arrowmakeshift feyiron arrowmakeshift carbonite arrowmakeshift adamantine arrowindium rounded arrowindium hunting arrowfulginate hunting arrowfeyiron rounded arrowfeyiron hunting arrowEbon Arrowcarbonite rounded arrowcarbonite hunting arrowbone spineadamantine rounded arrowadamantine hunting arrowBurning Deathfist ArrowCobalt ArrowBlackened Iron ArrowFeysteel Arrowiron throwing hammeriron throwing daggeriron throwing axeindium throwing hammerindium throwing daggerindium throwing axefeyiron throwing hammerfeyiron throwing daggerfulginate throwing axefeyiron throwing axeferrite throwing hammerferrite throwing daggerferrite throwing axecarbonite throwing hammercarbonite throwing daggercarbonite throwing axeadamantine throwing hammeradamantine throwing daggeradamantine throwing axeferrite shurikenadamantine shurikenTin Broadhead Arrowtenderwood arrowiron broadhead arrowiron bodkin arrow ; Indium Field Point ArrowIndium Broadhead Arrowindium bodkin arrowFulginate Field Point Arrowfulginate broadhead arrowfulginate bodkin arrowFeyiron Field Point Arrowfeyiron broadhead arrowfeyiron bodkin arrowferrite field point arrowferrite broadhead arrowferrite bodkin arrowCarbonite Field Point Arrowcarbonite bodkin arrowAdamantine Field Point ArrowAdamantine Broadhead Arrowadamantine bodkin arrowFlowing Cloak of Lawpristine imbued rosewood roundshieldYellowfang GirdleYellowfang SashCuffs of the Cliff GolemSymbol of the EatenOiled Leather BootsDanak Craftmanship Volume IIFuchsia FineryEmerald FragmentSymbol of the Four WindsSebilite Croaking DirkElegant Praetor's RobesSkyfire Mantle of the SoldierWar Torn Shoulder PadsSkyfire Earring of the GuardianSebilisian ChokerAwakened Bloodscale WristguardsTunic of Enmity DarknessYha-lei Symbiotic ChokerLeviathan Scale LeggingsNug-Soth's Reverent WristguardsDoomwing Dragon KatanaWitchdocter HexguardRuned Leviathan CarapaceHardened (Master I)Apocalypse (Master I)Sonic Boom (Master I)Corona (Master I)Umbral Liturgy (Master I)Band of Thugs (Master I)Black Fur Shawltynnonite throwing hammertynnonite arrowtynnonite throwing daggertynnonite throwing axetynnonite shurikentin throwing hammertin throwing daggertin throwing axetin shurikenpurified river waterjungle nut breadiron shurikeniron hunting arrowiron arrowindium shurikenindium arrowfulginate throwing hammerfulginate throwing daggerfulginate shurikenfulginate arrowflask of airy waterfeyiron shurikenfeyiron arrowcarbonite shurikencarbonite arrowairy breada market bulletin board

Updated Quests: Snake Skin for Soulforge

New Mobs: first key guardiana fragrant seedlinga fragrant sorrowGuard LytheliaSon'Nia

Updated Mobs: second key guardianDrusella SathirAcrimoniada fragrant demiseSua AugrenSpotSir GearheartSir Bayden CauldthornShareth D'FrexinShadowcoatSerith MelosyneSentry TrillisScout SpelunkleSaelir VarrynSade MakiSaali UstraatRooleean FelodaanRelc TulinReanimated Nexus ScionRalika MekkilaRaimo HeinilaQueen AmreePrincess ZhyleenPrincess SaphroniaPoggle FizzpopPiritta SilvarriPanderraHelmi GrowthlyJuho AulisIhieer ScytheleafAnaaj Greenblade

New and Updated Traditions: Arasai SavvyNeriak PrecisionEscaping DiveWind WalkerGlideDark EnvyMagic ProtectionAerial DodgingFeatherfallTransmographyUltravisionArasai's EnduranceArasai Flight

New Guides: It's a Game, Right?You Might Be a Gamer if...


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