Lead a Post-Easter life in Elf Online

Having post-Easter blues?  Run out of chocolate already?  Elf Online has a response!

Not Easter Bunnies, Not Easter Eggs, it seems a monochromic festival in reality, but a soul-searching day in virtual world of Elf Online.

After celebrating in reality and soul, people attach more hope and good wishes to the upcoming days. People hope the world is a dreamland, hope life is a wonderful journey, hope the righteous exists unremittingly while the evil dismissed without resurrection. Life is a game, if you have sincerely completed your quests and have truly made a decision to turn your will and time to the care of God as we understood him, then it is time to put that principle into action. Find the courage to take a fearless look at ourselves and become strong-minded to surmount the hurdles before.  

Storyline is cast, but performance is varied one another. 
Me, I'm gonna run out and buy me some on-sale candy!


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