Thursday, October 11th, 2007

New Items: MirhigilCuthoronCurubadanirMirrored Ancient Steel DaggerBrilliant Gold EarringBrilliant Gold BraceletCuff of Gerontius TookDwarf Leather Gauntlets of FateEnduring Chainmail Gauntlets of RallyingGauntlets of the Dwarf-hoardGlass MarbleGold BraceletGold EarringGreat Slender Club of MightOrc-reapersReinforced Sturdy Leather ArmourReinforced Sturdy Leather Armour RecipeRing of ElfstoneSpiked Hand Axe of the MountainsSuperb Leather Armour

New Recipes: Deadly Bear TrapCunning Lure Trap

New/Updated Traits: Enduring Precision

Updated Quests: Lost Lore of the Free Peoples

Updated Items: Spiked Wooden MaceSteel HammerRusty GreatswordLong-Handled HammerSpiked Wooden MaceShortswordBalanced DaggerFelling AxeSpiked Wooden MaceSteel HammerRusty GreatswordLong Felling AxeGreat Oak ClubLong-Handled HammerShortswordHand AxeForged Spiked MaceOak ClubStriking HammerGreatswordMillwork Long AxeGreat Oak ClubHeavy Striking HammerBalanced DaggerLongswordHand AxeForged Spiked MaceOak ClubStriking HammerLeather-bound StaveGreatswordCurved Long AxeGreat Oak ClubHeavy Striking HammerForged Spiked MaceThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerElven-Steel IngotGold NecklaceSuperb Leather Armour RecipeThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerGlittering Gold NecklaceGlittering Gold RingStanric's EarringCufaronKalfur's GloryBrilliant Gold NecklaceBrilliant Gold RingAncient Steel IngotLong Black Ash ShaftShort Black Ash ShaftAncient Steel BoltsBundle of StrawLongsword of Vigour


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