Pre-Alpha Gameplay for Act of Aggression Hits

I'm a ridiculous RTS fan at heart, so having the opportunity to jump at Act of Aggression was nearly a dream come true. I can remember cracking open a massive game box for another standard-setting RTS title years ago and being hooked at the new RTS concept. Act of Aggression from Eugen Systems and Focus Home Interactive aims to bring back that old-school feel with new-school gameplay. And there's tanks. Lots of tanks.

Bandai Namco Goes Supernova!

There’s a new kid in the competitive gaming scene. Announcing Bandai Namco Games’ free-to-play title Supernova, an RTS MOBA hybrid set in a sci-fi battle between humans and cyborgs.

Kickstart to Victory


Petroglyph Games has announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for the World War II action strategy title Victory.

Focused on the North African campaign of WWII, Victory aims to bring fast and fun team matches with rapidly evolving tactics that make your use of the terrain almost as important as your martial strength.