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April 19, 2017

*** Items ***

- Corrected a bug that caused heroic stats in the item display window to show their full value when they should have displayed an adjusted value depending on the 'modified' toggle in the window.
- The innate benefit of Fiery Avenger, Fiery Defender, and Innoruuk's Curse that allows you to use the bash skill while wielding these weapons is now explicitly noted as a worn effect on these items.
- Compressed Copper Stud and Golden Sage's Earring now use a higher tier Enhanced Minion spell, improving the pets of players wearing these earrings. You will need to summon a new pet to gain the benefits of this improvement.
- Corrected the lore text on Giant Dire Wolf Skin.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Fippy's Revenge (Group) - Increased the number of quest drops, Qeynosian Teeth and Scalps. However, note that NPCs may still be difficult to find.
- Lceanium: Before the Siege (Group) - Fixed a bug that would prevent success on the "You Be The Hero" achievement if one of the invaders was killed by a mercenary.
- Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn (Raid) - The Scouts are now player friendly. They can be buffed and healed and cannot be aggroed or injured by PCs.
- Valdoon Paladin 2.0 (Raid) - Lowered the minimum number of players necessary to request this raid from 10 to 6.
- Wither and Decay (Raid) - The achievement "The Crazy Eight" should no longer have the chance to auto-fail immediately when the raid has begun.
- Rebirth Leather Armor (Quests) - The four different kinds of jawbones that Spiritist Karina in Shadeweaver's Thicket requires for her quests will all drop more frequently.
- Jail Break! (Quest) - Completing the task and clicking OK on the dialogue window will transport the character to the version of The Mines of Gloomingdeep with the fewest number of players. In any edge case where this does not occur correctly, hailing Arias or waiting for up to a minute will also transport the character to the version of The Mines of Gloomingdeep with the fewest number of players.
- Jail Break! (Quest) - Returning to an in-progress tutorial after camping out or a client crash should be handled more gracefully now.
- Tsaph's Day Off (Quest) - Due to how simple the task is, the experience and point rewards are now reduced.
- Hardcore Heritage versions of zones now all have "Reinforced" in the long name to help differentiate them.

*** Spells ***

- Magician - Fixed a bug that prevented Monster Summoning pets from being reclaimed.
- Magician - Converted Dyzil's Deafening Decoy and Rage of Zomm to swarm pets so that they can be used while your main pet is active. Rage of Zomm is now much costlier.
- Made a change to Empires of Kunark 'Alliance' spells that deal damage and the Monk combat ability 'Curse of the Thirteen Fingers' so that the damage dealt by the 'Fulmination' of these abilities will now credit the appropriate player.
- Increased the melee avoidance of all player pets. This increase will be most noticeable at high levels. Swarm pets were not affected.

*** AA ***

- Abilities that reduce the reuse time of spells will now impact the reuse time when first memorizing a spell.
- Multiple Classes - Adjusted the default behavior of Doppelganger swarm pets so they will no longer spawn with more aggro than their owner when attacking a target.
- - Swarm pets summoned by the Enchanter abilities 'Doppelganger', 'First Spire of Enchantment', 'Illusory Ally' or by the Bard ability 'Lyrical Prankster' are unchanged and will continue to act as temporary defenders.
- Berserker - Dichotomic Rage has been flagged non-focusable to exempt it from the benefits of Scarlet Cheetah Fang.
- Berserker - Fixed a bug with Rank 22 of Untamed Rage which caused the Azia buff to refresh itself rather than cycling through the Beza to Ena buffs before refreshing itself.
- Monk - Increased the damage modifier of ranks 10-17 of Innate Innerflame from 52-66 to 53-70%.
- Monk - Veteran's Wrath now offers higher returns from level 103 to 105. Note: This will cause all existing ranks of Veteran's Wrath to be refunded for monks.
- Multiple - Rewrote the description for Stoicism to more clearly explain its effect.
- Multiple - Paladin, Shadowknight, Warrior - Reduced the base damage reduction percent of Defensive Proficiency to 20% from 30%.
- Ranger - Dichotomic Fusillade Strike has been flagged non-focusable to exempt it from the benefits of Scarlet Cheetah Fang.
- Shadowknight - Reduced the damage modifier of rank 17 of Innate Darkblade from 120 to 100%.
- Warrior - Reduced the damage bonus modifier of Two-Handed Proficiency from 110-120 to 80-90.
- Made a number of adjustments to buffs that increase the damage of critical melee attacks. A new spell effect has been implemented to grant a non-cumulative bonus to critical melee attack damage. Buffs that have been modified to use this new effect will only impart the highest bonus of all current buffs that use this new spell effect. The following abilities and buffs have been modified to use this new effect:
- - All - Glyph of Destruction and Glyph of the Cataclysm now grant a non-cumulative increase to all melee skills rather than a cumulative bonus to the primary weapon skills.
- - Bard - Thousand Blades now grants a non-cumulative increase.
- - Berserker - Savage Spirit now grants a non-cumulative increase to all melee skills rather than a cumulative bonus to 2-Handed weapon skills and Frenzy. Additionally, all ranks will now consume 25% of the berserker's health when the effect wears off.
- - Paladin - Valorous Rage now grants a non-cumulative increase. Additionally, the effectiveness of the critical damage portion ability has been reduced from 75-400% to 45-200%, the effectiveness of the weapon delay reduction effect has been reduced from 13-45% to 10-25%, and the ability has been flagged non-focusable so that its duration will be a static 1 minute. The portion of this ability that reduces healing focus has been removed.
- - Shaman - Fateseer's Boon and Prophet's Gift of the Ruchu now grant a non-cumulative effect.
- - Warrior - Savage Onslaught, Savage Assault, Brutal Onslaught Disciplines, and Heroic Rage now grant a non-cumulative increase.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Temple of Veeshan (Raid) - Fixed some error with the spawning of some of the bosses (Gozzrem, Eashen, and Ikatiar) on progression servers. They should spawn and give lockouts as expected now.
- Temple of Veeshan Raid Instances - The lockout for the Halls of Testing Drakes should no longer compound with each kill in the same DZ.
- 16th Anniversary quest givers will spawn on progression servers when Rain of Fear has unlocked on the server, instead of requiring The Broken Mirror.
- - 14th Anniversary NPCs now have alt tags that are consistent with other Player Designed Mission quest givers.
- Magics of Fear (Quest) - Sarviksa Tiths no longer has a restriction that prevents her from spawning until Legacy of Ykesha.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Pickzones that lock will no longer suspend mercenaries.
- Fixed an issue that caused boats stop following their intended sailing paths.
- In an effort to reduce the frustration caused by watery environments melee attacks will no cause push back if the defender is in water, this applies to both PCs and NPCs.
- Added the ability for level 61 and higher level players to automatically activate basic combat skills (Backstab, Bash, Frenzy, Kick, Tiger Claw, etc) while auto-attacking:
- - 1. The hold-right click menu for combat skill hot buttons now has an 'Auto Activate' toggle to enable/disable the automatic activation of these skills.
- - 2. The slash command /autoskill can also be used to toggle the automatic activation of these skills.
- Fixed several grammatical errors related to tells and emotes.
- Fixed an issue with purchasing Key Ring Slots.
- Achievement reward sets that grant only money, quest AA abilities (ex. Banestrike), titles, flags, alternate currency, or faction points will now be claimed automatically rather than first going into the pending reward queue.

*** UI ***

- Added chat color and filtering options for 'You can't use that command' messages.
- Added chat color and filtering options for combat ability and AA ability reuse time messages.

*** Previously Updated ***

- On progression servers, the Tome of Spirit of Rage Discipline, Tome of Healing Will Discipline, and Tome of Stonewall Discipline will be available when Gates of Discord opens.
- Tome of Spirit of Rage Discipline, Tome of Healing Will Discipline, andTome of Stonewall Discipline are available when Gates of Discord opens.
- Fippy's Revenge (Group) - Removed the despawn behavior from the NPC's in the instance.

- The EverQuest Team

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