rift zone:Primeval Feast  

Expected with Patch 1.9.

As a companion sliver to Infernal Dawn, Primeval Feast is intended to be more difficult than the challenges of Rise of the Phoenix, and its rewards appropriately more powerful.

Fae Lord Twyl has defeated Greenscale in this brutal new Sliver. Bring nine friends and slay the weather-warping maniac before he breaks through into our reality.

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Conqueror: Primeval Feast
Primeval Feast
Don't Exceed Your Carrion Limit
Anchor Man
Solid Sneak
40 Days and 40 Knives
Anchors Away
Royal Assassin
Never Saw it Coming
Splash Dance
Party Down
Mind on my Honey
Reap the Whirlwind
Swatted Like a Fly
Down Comes the Pain
Growing Pains
Fear the Reaper
Taster's Choice
Hedge Fun
Hedging Your Bets
Troll Toll
Kitten Mittens
Day Man
Night Man
Champion of the Sun
Twyl We Meet Again
Rapid Assault: Primeval Feast

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