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Regular Fight Encounter

Soulflayer Mondrach is a Caster type boss that will spawn after you defeat the two Death Beacons.

Soulflayer Mondrach has three main abilities:

  • Fire AoE - Random Fire AoE Targeted on a player.
  • Knockback - Knockback spell used on a random player (a lot of times the tank!)
  • Frontal Cone Attack - Deals death damage.

Strategy The easiest strategy for Soulflayer Mondrach is to have your tank place his or her back towards the tree to the left of his spawn point, and have your dps/heals stand behind the boss. Stay out of the spawned fire, Its never good! Continue to focus down Soulflayer and collect your loot.


Expert Fight Encounter

On Expert Difficulty you will face both manticores at once. They both possess the same abilities, but combined make for a very difficult fight. Decide before hand which manticore you want to kill first. Killing Mondrach will reduce group AOE damage; killing Autoch will reduce the single target burst. This fight is especially tedious for tanks, as both manticores will spam their knockbacks frequently making getting good positioning very difficult. Aside from fighting both at once however, the fight becomes the same as normal when you kill one.


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