Chris "Pwyff" Tom

Pwyff enjoys needlessly long introductions

Often referred to as a "hip cat" by friends, family members, and adversaries for reasons unknown. Prior to taking up the role of Editor-in-Chief of ZAM Network, Chris "Pwyff" Tom was one of the highest rated Druids in World of Warcraft's competitive 3v3 arena scene (BG9) who also maintained the greatest Druid blog (fact) in the world, dubbed "The Ooglar." Prior to that, Pwyff played competitively in Natural Selection (a popular FPS/RTS Half-Life mod), leading Team Canada to a hilarious disqualification loss in the World Cup because nobody wanted to wake up at 6AM on a Sunday (also a fact). These events, in addition to that one time he found $20 in his old jacket, are among the highlights of Pwyff's life.

These days, Pwyff is a big fan of eSports, MMORPGs, online games, MOBAs, mech garage games, fighting games, ARPGs, FPSs, and oxford commas. Should you wish to share an instantaneous connection with Pwyff, begin your sentence with: "Did anyone play that awesome Half-Life mod called Natural Selection?" or "I once spent an entire day EV training my Wigglytuff," or even "I miss games like Armored Core 3." Bonus points if you like Corgis or American Eskimos. If you hear Pwyff trash talking excessively in your video games, please interpret his words as a sign of affection and please do not tattle on Pwyff, because Pwyff will put you on his not-friends list, which can be an inconvenience for both parties. Pwyff enjoys talking about himself in third person.

Gaming is a passion of mine not just because it's fun (it is) but because it's a rare medium that combines player agency with narrative structure. We all play games differently but, at the end of the day, we can still come together to share in our collective experience. Gaming focuses on the shared adventure, and I think this is a ''good thing." Outside of playing video games and being professionally obnoxious, I am a professional screenwriter and an obscure creative writer. Please appreciate me, because I am like an egg: hard on the outside, delicious on the inside, and terrible for your heart when consumed in excess. Also tasty with hot sauce.

"Pwyff the Handsome (also Ooglar or Chrispers)"
Christopher Tom, Editor-in-Chief

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