Slivers (Rift)  

Slivers are alternate realities (raids) that require 10 coordinated Ascended to master.

Slivers are player-initiated, instanced world raid events. In lore, they are referred to as "alternate timelines" and offer a rich storyline as well as a full 10-man raid instance. To see a sliver, a player must have Omen Sight (Guardian) or Quantum Sight (Defiant).

By exploring slivers, you will gain insight into how unwelcome turns of events have altered other timestreams. Understanding the fates of those worlds will help us avoid such ruin in our own.

- Fayne Doran - teachings about slivers

Available Slivers
ZoneSliver NamePatch Introduced
KingswardTriumph of the Dragon Queen2.0
DroughtlandsPrimeval Feast1.9
StonefieldRise of the Phoenix1.6
Scarwood ReachDrowned Halls1.4
Shimmersand Gilded Prophecy 1.2

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To open a sliver, at least one player in the raid must have either Omen Sight (Guardian) or Quantum Sight (Defiant) active. This allows you to see the portal and use it to zone the raid in. Ghosts can always see the portal so if you respawn outside the instance you will be able to zone yourself back in.


Each sliver has at least four bosses. All bosses must be defeated to complete the sliver.

Obtaining Omen Sight/Quantum Sight


Omen Sight may be purchased from Abstaffar the Mysterious for 25,000 planarite.


Quantum Sight may be purchased from Garad Nallam for 25,000 planarite.

Safe Planarite Farming

For more information about farming planarite, please see our Planarite Farming guide.


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