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Scheduled to go live with Rift Patch 1.9, mentoring allows you to easily scale down to a level lower than your own while earning XP and rewards comparable to your natural level – whether you’re playing with friends or jumping into the action alone you can continue advancing your character anywhere. [1]

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Activating Mentoring

  1. Right click your portrait
  2. Select “Set Ascended Mentor Level” from the options
  3. Use the slider or manually enter your desired level, the only restriction is that you cannot mentor down to a level less than 5 levels from your own (i.e. 45 is the maximum Mentored level you can set for a Level 50 character.)

  • If you’re grouped with a player 5 levels or more below you all you need to do is right click their portrait and match their level.
  • Any random Instant Adventure group you join will automagically Mentor you down to an appropriate level when needed.


  • Quests, Rift Content, and Mobs all give you XP comparable (but slightly less) to what you would earn at your natural level. This means you’ll keep earning levels or Planar Attunement even when you’re mentoring!
  • Zone Events reward Sourcetone equivalent to your natural level. (i.e. if you’re naturally Level 50, even if you’re Mentored down to level 10 you’ll still earn Inscribed Sourcestone from events.)
  • Mentoring even gives an XP bonus when grouped with lower level players.

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