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TP-Burn Time

Level 70+ experience parties and merit parties operate almost exclusively as TP-burn parties. The ideal TP burn party consists of three damage dealers subbing /nin, two bards or corsairs and a healer. However, more TP burns usually consist of a tank, three damage dealers, a support buffer and a healer. Other combinations of jobs also work when building TP burns.

The defining trait of the TP-burn party is that weaponskills are used individually, and as fast as possible, without worrying about skillchains. Damage dealers try to stack on as much haste gear as possible to build TP at the fastest-possible rate.

Not your old-school exp/hour

The rise of the TP-burn party occurred with the release of Treasures of Aht Urhgan, which released new areas with low-HP, low-def mobs. Before ToAU, level 70+ parties often headed to sky or Lufaise Meadows. An average party would net roughly 4k exp/hour.

Many TP burn parties easily eclipse 10k exp/hour, with some far exceeding that total. For this reason, few players join (or start) experience parties in other areas of the game, as the experience points rewards simply do not compare. By taking advantage of the level sync feature, players also form experience and merit parties to fight Lesser Colibri in East Ronfaure {s}.

Left Behind: Blm and Others

While many players have benefited from the TP-burn revolution, others were left out in the cold. Black mages used to receive invites to experience parties fighting tougher monsters with more HP and defense. However, many mobs in ToAU areas die too quickly for black mages to cast their spells; also, black mages need to frequently rest mp upon dropping heavy nukes, in essence wasting a party slot when a physical DD could be meleeing. Some mobs in ToAU areas also use the "reflect" ability, rendering the strength of the black mage useless. Other jobs including puppetmaster, summoner and white mage have also been left out of many TP burn parties.

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