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Hunt registries are red books that allow adventurers to register for hunts to kill notorious monsters that grant Evolith. Found in cities throughout Vana'diel, these hunt registries are very similar to Fields of Valor books. Adventurers can only do one hunt each Vana'diel day.

Hunts are completed when the specified NM has been killed and the player who requested the hunt returns to the hunt registry and selects the option to confirm completion. Adventurers who complete hunts receive two rewards:

  • Evolith: These stones can be used to imbue equipment with various statistical bonuses. Each hunt yields a specific type of evolith, but the size and strength of the evolith piece can change with each hunt attempt.
  • Scylds: Some hunt registries require the payment of scylds for registration. Adventurers must collect skills by registering for other hunts.

Locations of Hunt Registries

Click on a hunt registry below for more information about hunts available from that registry.

Manual Position
Ru'Lude Gardens Hunt Registry I-10
Tavnazian Safehold Hunt Registry H-6
Aht Urhgan Whitegate Hunt Registry L-8
Kazham Hunt Registry F-9
Nashmau Hunt Registry H-9
Rabaeo Hunt Registry G-11
Bastok Mines Hunt Registry I-9
Northern San d'Oria Hunt Registry E-8
Port Windurst Hunt Registry B-5
Bastok Markets (S) Hunt Registry G-4
Northern San d'Oria (S) Hunt Registry K-10
Windurst Waters (S) Hunt Registry F-5

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