How to Create a New Achievement Page (Rift)  

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1st Step: Creating the Page

  1. Search the gameDB for the desired achievement.
  2. Click the link "Edit this page" or the "Edit" link to open up the edit view. You should now see a big white box, this is where you write or edit all content on the article. You are now ready to edit.

We have every in-game achievment page loaded with tooltips automaticaly updated at each patch.

2nd Step: Adding In the Template

Add the following template into the edit box.

{{Rift Popular Links


It will look similar Like

Popular Links for How to Create a New Achievement Page
These are links users have found to be helpful for How to Create a New Achievement Page.


After "links=" you can add lists of links that are applicable to the achievement. Check out the Links guide for more info. Remember to use a "*" at the begining of each line. this will make it a bullet point list.

3rd Step: Adding Extra Content

  • Making Headers
What headers like the ones above each of these four steps? add three = signs to each side of the header (on its own line) and this should create a header.
===This Becomes a Header===
Below the header's line start adding text.

Some Popular Headings:

==Related Achievments==

Hint Check out the Links guide to find out how to make links in articles.


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