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Ethian Male
Ethian Male

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Racial Abilities

Ethian Female
Ethian Female
  • Agility: Instant. Cooldown 2 minutes. Increases movement speed by 70% for 15 seconds. This ability cannot be used in combat.
  • Desert Dweller's Birthright: Earth resistance increased by 20.


Kaspar Massi - in Lastlight, Terminus

Notable Ethian NPC's

Eth History

The Eth are a tribe of humans who adapted to the harsh southern deserts by becoming master survivalists and taming their environment through magic. During the Blood Storm Wars, this inquisitive and fiercely scholarly race discovered a means to harness sourcestone as a fuel for eldritch war machines. After the construction of the Ward and the return of peace to Telara, these proto-technologies saw application in all areas of life. Yet the Vigil soon demanded that sourcestone technology be abandoned. Though it meant being cast from the gods' sight, the people of Eth refused. In spite of the Vigil, they further conquered their environment and built an empire of conglomerated city-states ruled by brilliant sorcerer kings. The power and influence of the Eth spread throughout Telara, fueled by the wonders of sourcestone.

Unfortunately, their technology fell into the clutches of insidious dragon cultists, and the Eth empire collapsed soon thereafter. Rather than risk the Blood Storm's release, the Eth buried their wonders in the sand and destroyed all record of their forbidden techniques.

Though reduced once again to a nomadic life in the desert, the Eth persevered, using magic to find new ways to adapt. They continue to value scholarly dedication and inventive approaches to problems old and new.

Following the fall of their empire, many Eth sought asylum with their longtime allies, the Bahmi. Others spread through the verdant lands of Mathosia. Though taken in as scholars and court magicians, the Eth were generally distrusted by the more pious races.

Eth aesthetics are as complex as their minds, displaying an affinity for the basic shapes and complex repeating patterns of mathematically-inspired art. They despise superstition and call those who place their destiny in the hands of others fools. To an Eth, blind faith is equivalent to mental servitude, a terrifying fate to this highly cerebral people.

Joining the Defiant

The Defiants' magical technology is based on the relics and ancient wisdom of the Ethian Empire. This long-dead civilization first discovered magical properties in the sourcestone that came through the original rifts. A desert people, the Eth had a long history of self-sufficiency and were skilled at shaping their environment to better sustain life. With sourcestone as fuel, the Eth thrived, pushing the limits of science and magic.

Eventually, the Eth toppled their own empire to keep the compromised technology out of the hands of the Dragon Cults. Modern-day Eth are the driving force behind the Defiants' push to reclaim these lost arts for the defense of Telara. And if this should bring about a second golden age for their people, so much the better.


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